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    Quote Originally Posted by Ealyssa View Post
    Wow could accommodate for 6 men groups. Is it necessary ? Nope. But it could be done without much changes.
    My main concern is that while it would alleviate wait times and possible reduce the dependency on meta specs, it would mean excessive access to hard CC and would result in further pruning to counter that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FL4K View Post
    Those are called raids

    or at least, I miss being able to 10 -man raids
    well since 10 man raids dont exist anymore, having a dungeon or two with daily reset and doesnt require hours to clear the instance, why not? Might be fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Restors View Post
    well since 10 man raids dont exist anymore, having a dungeon or two with daily reset and doesnt require hours to clear the instance, why not? Might be fun.
    I don 't remember correctly , but did Blizz begin designing raids a particular way on purpose to discourage 10 man raiding ? Did they just not like 10 mans ?

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    Increasing the DPS wouldn't do a thing, but give more ammo for the "GOGOGO!" crowds with all honesty, adding to annoyance for healers and tanks who then are more likely to not use said tool, thus exasperating the problem.

    Ideally, have a "Support" slot for the 6th, allowing them to heal/off tank as necessary, and apply small buffs. Such a thing is very hard to balance though, because, as is wont with WoW, there will be a "Must have X Support" because the other specs are 5% slightly less effective.

    All in all, it is a hard balancing act, mainly due less to numbers, but more because of the sheer volume of shit heel impatient players in WoW sadly to my thinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by letssee View Post
    If you could choose the ideal party size for dungeons would it be 3 man, 4 man, or 5 man respectively. Or maybe another number entirely?
    personally i think 3 would be the minimum and maybe fun so dungeons would be designed for 3 people, 1 dps 1 tank and 1 healer, but idk
    For me, 5.

    1-3 is Scenarioes, less loot but more story specific.
    5 is dungeons.
    8+ is raids.
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    1+ AI >.>

    j/k i think 5 works actually.
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    5 is good, but 6 would help alleviate the scarcity of tanks and healers in pugs. 4 DPS for every 1 tank and healer is better than 3.
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    I would love to see it change to 6-man especially if more support classes/specs were added. Tank+Healer+3 DPS+1 Support would be great. Or keep it 5-man and have Tank/Healer/Support/DPSx2.

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    I would like 7 man groups.

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    right now? none.
    it's all just gogogo pewpewpew and hope your gear is good enough. even on mythics.
    dungeons died with the end of TBC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duselsteiner View Post
    I chosed 3 because it is easier to find 2 friends to play together with than 4.
    Too bad you do not want to play dungeons and/or other people.


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