so, today i caught my kids mashing my keyboard and playing around in some windows menus. I don't know what they did before i managed to stop them, but after when i launched my game i discovered a quite unpleasant result.
My keyboard is acting very weird while gaming and only while gaming.
Pressing down A S W D or the arrow keys result in my character micro-moving and micro-stopping all the time. Is like, he makes one step then stops, then makes another step and stops again and so on, all the while i am holding down the key.
Tried that on 3 different RPG games to the same result.
Outside of the games, no apparent problem. hodling down any key results in apparently uninterrupted continuous character typing.

Anyone have any idea how this can be solved? It prevents me from playing any game at the moment and my evening is ruined.
I am considering buying another keyboard, but i am not sure if the problem is in the hardware or in the system somewhere.
Using a gaming Canyon keyboard with some function and macro buttons and internal memory, but have no idea how to access it or reset to factory defaults.