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    Quote Originally Posted by wowfunny251 View Post
    Blizzard blew all their lore cooldowns here.
    lmao this is such a good way to put it.

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    I keep seeing this 'Blizzard writing is bad' topics, but I been actually enjoying it, I think think as far as lore goes Cata was the worst. BfA has been pretty cool personally. maybe because I don;t take the lore that seriously, maybe it;s personal taste.

    But I honestly think BfA (while not perfect it does have it's story issues as far as filling in the gaps go), has done an awesome job at developing characters, Jaina has just gone far and beyond my favourite character in Warcraft at this point. She has come so far from the dull persona from Wc3, and I liked her in Wc3 too. I love how Jaina has been devloping, I like Genn, I like Nanthanos, love Saurfang,... still hate Anduin so everything seems right with the world :P
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