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    [H - Thrall - US] Knights of Hell - Looking to expand guild family

    [Thrall][US] The Knights of Hell is a casual Horde guild that believes that kindness and camaraderie are the best way to enjoy playing World of Warcraft. We run low and high level mythics.

    We run two different raid groups:
    Sat 6-9pm eastern for casual, yet progressive players. (We are at Jaina on normal, then moving to heroic)
    Sun at 9pm eastern (between two and three hours) for casual players. (we're at Rastakhan. this group will likely stay normal)

    We don’t get upset over not making time in mythics or if you don’t show up for a raid, life always comes first.

    We also host various fun events: transmog runs, mount runs, transmog contests, hide and seek, naked runs, etc… some with gold for prizes.

    There is usually at least one officer in discord in the evening, most of the time more.

    We are looking for players who want people they can relax and have a good time with, but if you don’t want or can’t join us atm you can always join our community where we make our announcements for raid and mythic runs. You can whisper anyone in the guild (/who knights of hell) to get an guild invite.

    If you have questions, you can message me at agera#3507 on discord.


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    We are still recruiting for new member.
    Our Saturday raid is BoD H 4/9 and CoS N2/2
    Our sunday raid is BoD N7/9 and CoS N2/2

    We are a group of people who like doing things with people we can talk to so feel free to talk to me on discord or in wow: Ageratina, Brulent, Malvat

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