< Red Dragon Society > is a former Top 100 US raiding guild. We are NOW returning as a 2day/6 HR raiding guild. Our main intention is clearing content at a reasonable pace on a VERY light schedule. Our officer core comprises of previous top 75 US raiders.

Raid Times

Tuesday: 8est - 11est
Thursday: 8est - 11est

Our Goals

Clear content at a reasonable rate
Enjoy the game
Sales/alts on off nights (optional)
What we are looking for
Quick learners
Willing to improve
No Drama

Recruitment Needs

Tank 1
Warrior (High)
Monk (High)
Paladin (High)

Healer - 1

Shaman (HIGH)
Paladin (HIGH)
Druid (High)

Dps - 3

Shadow Priest (HIGH)
Warlock (HIGH)
Mage (High)
Boomkin (High)
Elemental (High)

Contact Us

Raid Leader: Gumk - crazzyboots#1114
Recruiting: Schmeegs - Schmeegs#1696