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So the management of BM can be boiled down to:

1) Managing one single buff (Can be done semi-automatically with a WA)
2) Not spamming your filler ability.

That doesn't sound very challenging to me.

Refraining yourself from spamming CS is not a factor of challenge. The fact that you use this as an example just shows how simple and easy BM is. Of course you shouldn't spam CS. If you can't stop hitting CS at low focus, then you should have your head checked :P

BM doesn't really have any real management.
Boiling it down like that quite literally makes nearly any spec braindead and without management.
If your point is that WoW has become much easier due to pruning and addons, then fine: I agree.

That has nothing to do with BM in particular though, it's equal across nearly all specs.

I still disagree on the CS spamming factor. You just dismissed the better half of my point.
I'm not just talking about spamming CS until you run out of focus. I'm also talking about not wasting KC cooldown reduction.

There is an actual check you have to make, where you cross check the cooldown of your KC there; of course you can also boil this down to brainless easy. But again, you're just dismissing anything which can remotely be considered a skill parameter.
The only thing I agree on, and something I wish blizzard would improve is the increase the skill ceiling of these things and make them have a bigger impact.

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Casters and even MM have cast time so only that is harder to manage than BM.
This get's repeated a lot, but I mostly find it annoying rather than hard. Annoying and hard are different things.

The only thing that sets a skill level here is the fact that learning the encounter leads to less movement (as you know what to expect and you can more reliably predict abilities / mechanics). I question how much of that is a class skill factor though.