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    Buying the sub to a mediocre product is agreeing to play the product. Imagine everyone just kept paying the sub because they can get at least one hour of entertainment each month. I doubt the game would get better since statistics would report an incredible amount of players currently playing. Tbf I'd rather not play at all than give in to the occasional urge if I just know I'll be bored again the following day.

    I can't speak for others, but I gave BfA a solid try. My endgame is heroic raiding and 10M+. I killed heroic G'huun and completed a couple 10s on time, then I realised I hated half of the dungeons (Motherlode is the worst of the bunch and I cannot even pinpoint why I loathe it so much, with Shrine being a close second for extremely precise reasons), I didn't find Uldir engaging, and I didn't feel like leveling my Dark Iron.
    I was just bored, even more than I was during WoD, which I still regard as the worst expansion ever. Of course, just hating on the game because everyone else does it is very stupid; but if OP struggles to find motivation to play further, maybe he should just skip it.
    Yeah, not really thrilled with the dungeons. Also, agree with you on Motherlode. I didn't dislike WoD, though, and still don't get the hate there. Just really ticks me seeing all the negativity, especially that crowd who come into every thread to bash on WoW, while bragging about how long ago they quit so they don't even know what it's actually like now.

    "Look at me I'm special I quit a month into WoD because WoW is dead, here's my totally unbiased opinion about why BFA sucks!" /yawn

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    Just find some other addicting game to play. It may take a year or 2 to get wow out of your system.

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