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    Did you grow up in a right wing or left wing family?

    I would say I grew up in quite a left wing family , all labour supporters.

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    In Russia. Mother is completely indifferent, father is as right-wing as it gets but thankfully his abuse ended when he left about 8 years after my birth.
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    Politics wasn't discussed much in my family, but I remember vividly a particular disdain from my mother about Democrats over what she perceived as their softness towards the war in Kuwait.

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    Father is a Fox News Republican

    Mother is a CNN Liberal

    Can't ask for anything more cause it means I got both sides and not heavily 1 side.

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    Politics wasn't a thing in my house, to be honest my family didn't give fuck about it because they was to focused on living and surviving.

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    Sort of Center Right I think.
    We never really discuss politics that much. I know for a fact that my father used to vote conservative untill that party went to shit. Now I'm not so sure.

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    My dad's side is very conservative, mostly due to religion. My mom's side is more of a mix, but I'd say they lean left overall. My mom herself has always been indifferent and I don't think she votes.

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    My Grandmother on my Mom were very very Conservative, however relatives in Canada are Liberal so Meh. My Grandfather on my mom side was a little bit more left leaning German Lutherans which is how I was raised.

    My Fathers father wasn't really anything probably more conservative, decedent of slaves, the whole idea of relying on communities with whites was considered absurd. You worked or you died, and if you died were sick or ill, you did the best you could until you dropped but kept to your own. My Grandmother on my Father side was more affluent business type, but generally leaned towards the same kind of conservative values, don't trust the white man kind of deal.

    Cousins Aunts and Uncles whatever some are more Strict Christian and will vote the way of the bible. However most are liberal. I was born and raised 5th Generation Minnesotan, in Minneapolis, Minnesota is generally fucking purple statewide, but federally very blue, shit I think it was 84 we were the only state to go blue against Reagan

    All of the above support the Unions thought, especially my father, who was an idiot, who worked all his life pretty much a union worker, who valued loyalty to his co workers over anything else. My Mom was a Nurse so she is for sure liberal and democrat. That's who I would say is my biggest influence.
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    Combo. But somewhere in the center. Mother was republican and father democrat, but neither were too far off center.

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    How about....neither? Just love and care and fuck politics?

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    No idea.

    My mother was a Glaswegian mentalist who was a bizarre mix between extreme liberal/neo-communism when it came to things that benefitted her, and extreme right wing full on Trumpist when it came to anyone else.

    It is why I refuse to this day to get involved in Politics, as I go on the Billy Connolly belief of “The desire to be a politician should bar you for life from ever becoming one.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    I would say I grew up in quite a left wing family , all labour supporters.
    No wing?

    My mom was left but she's acting right.
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    My parents were fairly liberal but refused to vote Democrat because they're anti baby murder.
    You know, it's kinda funny. On this forum you can question and criticize celebrities, developers, even governments. But only two you will net you instant infractions; religion and the actions of moderators. Really puts into perspective the literal god complexes we're dealing with here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    How about....neither? Just love and care and fuck politics?
    If only politics could be ignored.

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    My parents are kinda liberal. Devout catholics and anti-abortionist, but hate Trump and Republicans. They didn't like Bush either. They thought Obama did alright but Bill Clinton was a sleaze. They're cynical of Democrats, but prefer them to Republicans, yet usually vote third party. They want the rich to be taxed, pro-gay marriage (Dad has a few hang ups about it, but as long as the Church doesn't have to officiate them, he doesn't mind [his opinion],) universal healthcare, so they're for a number of Democrat/liberal stances. I think the things they're conservative about balance with the things they're liberal about so I'd label them moderate.

    My two youngest sisters are liberal. My oldest is a Trumpster, so we don't bring up Trump or politics when she's around.

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    Right wing, but Im better now.
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    My family was pretty far right while I was growing up but most of them have been slowly moving to the left over the last few years and are becoming more moderate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nasuuna View Post

    Father is a Fox News Republican

    Mother is a CNN Liberal

    Can't ask for anything more cause it means I got both sides and not heavily 1 side.
    Both sides aren't equal so I see no value in the Fox News republican. And cnn isn't liberal... it is centrist.

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    I grew up in an apolitical family. My dad was a Vietnam vet, had a distrust of government. Far from the Dale Gribble variety, but a distrust. That was it. Some of my extended family was into politics. This highly charged political atmosphere has really came into fruition in the past two decades. Or maybe I just didn't notice until I reached adulthood. Still, it didn't seem like politics had it's tentacles into every other facet of society and life like it does today. It's regrettable.

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    My parents vote straight democrat. Dad was in a labor union. Dad would always say "democrats are for poor people". My siblings never cared to affiliate with either democrats nor republicans.
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