I just returned to wow and have some questions regarding current state of pvp and gearing etc.
  1. How does it work with gear? In legion you only scaled with ilevel and gear had no other importance except for that. Is that still the case of how does gear actually work in pvp?
  2. Does secondary stats affect pvp, both in battlegrounds and arena or in one of them?
  3. I read somewhere about some strong pvp trinkets available in this expansion. How do you obtain these? Do these trinkets affect your stats somehow? If it works, does it work everywhere (bgs, arena, world) or just some places? Does all trinkets work or just pvp specific trinkets?
  4. In Legion food and potions stopped working in random battlegrounds, according to Blizzard this was a bug. Has it been resolved and does food and potions work in battlegrounds again? Does it work in arena? In world pvp?
  5. How is world pvp these days? You can flag up and then out in the world you are placed in a shard with other players, do a lot of player do this or people don't bother with it?
  6. How does it work with the hearth of maguuma and traits on gear you put azerite points in, do they work in pvp? If so, is it in all pvp (bgs, arena, world) or just in some of them?
  7. Does gems and enchants work in pvp?