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    Also: unsalted potato chips. I don't have any kind of health issue that requires me to avoid salt or anything, but I just like the taste of unsalted chips every once in a while. Most people I know think that's weird. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farrarie View Post

    and I like masoob, its made by banana, brown bread, Cream and honey
    that masoob looks amazing
    Quote Originally Posted by Sulla View Post
    Senator Moore will be sitting in that seat and I hope it burns you to your core.
    Quote Originally Posted by Knadra View Post
    Trump did it so it's good. I put my faith in a strong political figure because I lack self-esteem and feel threatened by a changing world. Whoever stands against him is bad because I do not understand their arguments and I have a simple tribalistic mindset created through the consumption of right-wing media.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pratt View Post
    Once when I asked a store clerk if they had marmite he pointed to a different store up the street and said I should head over there if I was looking for "weird sh!&."
    Lol I'd take my business to a shop that appreciate fine cuisine!

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    As for me, I like coffee. It's my favorite drink but all my friends prefer tea. I am currently looking for the best coffee and used where are a lot of different options for coffee lovers.

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    Zanzibar Pizza! Plantain and masala on pizza... yes please!

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    Such an obvious choice but..pineapple on a pizza . Not that i always have it but really can't understand the hate for it.

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    Mushrooms, apparently. Of all of my friends and family, only my mother and I like them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Warwithin View Post
    Politicians put their hand on the BIBLE and swore to uphold the CONSTITUTION. They did not put their hand on the CONSTITUTION and swear to uphold the BIBLE.
    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Jensen View Post
    Except maybe Morgan Freeman. That man could convince God to be an atheist with that voice of his . . .
    Quote Originally Posted by LiiLoSNK View Post
    If your girlfriend is a girl and you're a guy, your kid is destined to be some sort of half girl/half guy abomination.

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