View Poll Results: What of the following you are not looking forward to?

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  • No "AoE" looting;

    257 44.85%
  • Far fewer graveyards;

    137 23.91%
  • Far fewer flight points;

    91 15.88%
  • Mailing takes an hour when sending to alts or guildmates;

    132 23.04%
  • No more shared gathering nodes (you take it, it disappears for everyone);

    87 15.18%
  • Having to mine ore veins more than once to get all the ores/stones within;

    75 13.09%
  • Having to stop leveling to go train new abilities and/or ability ranks;

    54 9.42%
  • Your favorite race (draenei, goblin, blood elf, etc) is not available;

    72 12.57%
  • Older graphics;

    116 20.24%
  • Having to keep an eye on spell reagents (including warlock soul shards);

    65 11.34%
  • Horde/Alliance/neutral auction houses no longer linked;

    55 9.60%
  • No 'dual spec';

    213 37.17%
  • Fixed raid sizes;

    41 7.16%
  • Cannot create characters of opposite factions in PvP servers;

    47 8.20%
  • Hunter pets need to be kept happy, i.e. feed them specific food often;

    48 8.38%
  • No transmogrification;

    117 20.42%
  • No mount/pet collection tab. Each occupies one item slot in your bags;

    142 24.78%
  • No PvP arenas;

    62 10.82%
  • Mounts can only be trained at 40 and 60, and much more expensive;

    69 12.04%
  • Other - please specify in your post.

    91 15.88%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    theres nothing i dont like about classic

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    While it is satisfying to really explore, especially in zones you haven't quested in that much, the fact that you get no visual indicator ingame where a quest is done really gets tiresome quickly. It's only immersive that long to look through quest texts and only get a very vague direction on where to go.

    This leads to any serious player having quest addons to do questing that needs to be maintained and updated. If there's any QoL change I wish Blizzard implements, it's quest indicators on the world map. I mean let's be honest, within 2 weeks everyone that plans on staying will be using such an addon, and it'd be better if Blizzard themselves added one.

    Other than that, literally nothing on the poll list bothers me. All of that was simply part of the experience. And a lot of people will read my post and feel the same, but you do get tired of the "to the west, along the mountain" and just running blindly, or you alt-tab to check a classic db site.

    I will most likely try to get my first 60 without such an addon, because I really want to go back to that slower style of leveling where you aren't just following along a set route, but the lack of a world map quest indicator really does feel like self-gimping after a while.
    Having no quest indicators in game is one of the things I am looking FORWARD to in classic.

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    Have potions been addressed in classic at all? You used to be able to drink multiple potions on a cool down rather than one per encounter.

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    Going back to 200+ms its like it never left in the first place i do hope blizzard adds Oceanic servers to Classic this time.
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    As someone who actually played back when Vanilla was current there is a lot I don't like about it. Classic will be a nice trip down nostalgia lane but I can't see myself actually playing it long term. There have been so many QoL things added over the years that I don't know if I can go back to playing a game stripped of a lot of them.

    Mainly though the idea that my preferred class just isn't viable unless I want to heal. I am however really excited to just see the old world again though. I fear it won't feel the same though because it was literally almost half my life ago and the magic won't be the same.

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    Well I want to play enhancement shaman but I also want to raid, so I don't like I can't do both.

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    The horribly slow pace of combat.

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    40 man raids. As a person who has never been in a hardcore raiding guild and never will be in one. Waiting hours upon hours for a pug raid to get enough people was a pita.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FireVoodoo View Post
    Looks like you copy\paste definitions without understanding them. You did in fact use straw man argument by claiming something false and now you don't seem to get it. No one in no-change crowd ever said (I aware of) we want add-ons restricted to variety and functionality exited in 1.12. Thus you engaged in logical fallacy in a form of straw man argument. Now your turn bud: mindlessly copy\paste another definition to look smart, but better remove that pointless reference in the end of it.
    A straw man is to lay out the oppositions argument for them, and then attack it. Considering i attacked his original statement by explaining it is paradoxical for X and Y reason and giving an example is not a straw man. You cannot love 2 different things that are in opposition to eachother within the same context.

    Imagine explaining a straw man as " Claiming something false " what a fucking joke lol

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    It’s only QoL stuff that will be jarring, but I started playing when most of this stuff was still in play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akasha64 View Post
    How about how tedious leveling was in vanilla?
    You have been playing the wrong game for approximately 16 years.

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    The fact that I've already done all this, 15 years ago

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    Assembling a group during an hour and the tank failed miserably at the first pull in black rock

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    most of it.

    i'm only hoping it succeeds so i get bc and wotlk.

    only really like the talent trees and the fact i can get up on buildings and be an untouchable asshole in world pvp.

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    I know I'll like it because I've played it on private servers.
    thinly veiled high elf thread

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    That the same bunch of clueless fools that are in charge of retail are also in charge of Classic...

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    I'm hyped but there will definitely be some quality of life issues that'll be kind of annoying. I checked about half the boxes, but the biggest for me is probably a lack of aoe looting.
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    The crappy old graphics. I would have been 100% behind this if they had remastered the game with new models.

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    Of all the things you listed the only think I mind is the graphics tbh. They are too damn old and the spectacle of it being my first MMO will not apply the second time. Many of the other things listed are immersive elements that help make things actually feel like an RPG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akasha64 View Post
    How about how tedious leveling was in vanilla?
    This, especially as a holy priest. So painful when I tried to solo.

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    The thing I dislike about classic the most, even though I don't want it changed at all, is debuff lengths. Some of them are awfully long. Sometimes as a melee class you will just be standing still and unable to move or attack things because you are frozen in place for a long time. You will be slowed for a long time. The ability to not move or control your toon for a long time can be very frustrating.

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