Good afternoon,

I’m Kasharan on Zul’jin. A 415-418 (depending on gear set) Outlaw Rogue. I am well versed in all 3 specs. I’ve been running one of my best friends guild all expansion long, building it from the ground up, recruiting, raid leading and after 9 months of false promises my friend never showed. So my current progression is rather casual Mythic, but for the progression I do have amongst the company of players I play with is mostly purple/orange parses with few exceptions. I want to take a step back from the responsibility of leadership and just focus on my own play.

Availability: Mon-Thurs 7pm-12am est. Fri-Sun anytime.
Transfer: Willing to transfer, prefer Horde.

Have multiple alts that I’d be willing to play for composition purposes but not main. I’d like to avoid switching from my rogue.

Progression History:

Raider io: 2,402
CoS: 2/2H
BoD: 9/9H, 3/9M (39% Opulence, 100+ pulls)
Uldir: 7/8M, 8/8H

Legion: at least half a tier's Mythic bosses each raid as Spriest/Frost mage.

BoD Logs:
Uldir Logs:

Side note on 8.1 Uldir logs, was playing from a laptop the day after back surgery so that re-clear was far from my usual performance. Mythrax logs (separate night all together) are legitimate. 8.0 logs are a better way to gauge my Uldir performance. Guild I was running with disbanded after only a few pulls on G’huun.

What to expect from me:

- Near 100% lifetime attendance, if I raided the day after back surgery it goes to show that unless something tragic happens I’ll be there, 30-1hr early ready to go.
-Always show up with the necessary consumables, food, and optimal gear for the content we’re doing.
-I don’t slack on optimizing my character, I sim frequently and always seeking how to improve my play. I take constructive criticism and suggestions well.
-I fully research raid encounters, having been in a position of leadership in the last two expansions I do more than just watch the raid videos. I look into every mechanic via the wowhead guides and often write notes down to help me prepare.
-I don’t require handholding or raid call outs to identify when mechanics are coming. I have a strong sense of raid awareness.
-I prioritize mechanics over parsing, I’m a team player and will be the first to soak a mechanic or do an assignment if asked.
-Active outside of raid, I run M+ almost daily, doing anything from pushing +20 keys to helping guildies just get their 10’s done. I also am active in selling key runs for gold.
-Willing to sit for composition purposes or if I’m having a bad night for whatever reason and its effecting my performance.
-I don’t make excuses for my performance, I am my biggest critic and harder on myself than anyone else.

What I expect from you:

- Friendly but focused atmosphere, I’m not looking for a toxic environment. I’m cool with raunchy jokes and profanity, poking fun at one another as long as its all in good taste.
-I want a fair trial process, I’m not looking to be recruited for the bench. Even though I’m fine with being benched for composition/performance reasons I want an opportunity to prove myself for a main roster spot.
-Active outside of raid, don’t really want to be the only person online at any given time within reason. I like to do keys and hangout with people to get to know them.
-Good communication from leadership.

I’m currently locked out of Mythic until May 7th. But I would like to begin chatting with those that are interested. Special consideration is given to those that don’t just copy/paste their macro and actually want to chat. I’ll be able to respond quicker via discord but my contacts are:

disc: Kasharan#5849
bnet: Kasharan#1912

Thanks for taking the time to consider me and hope to speak with you soon!