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    I understand, I just emphasize priority of what allows system to function correctly, over the fact that "I like something".

    Have you noticed that you continue to discuss specs instead of discussing classes?

    Don't think that I'm trying to attack you or your opinion, just pointing that discussion direction becomes somewhat confused with this approach: then everything is bad, then it turns out already and in a certain sense is good. You need to act definitely and confidently in current situation à la guerre comme à la guerre
    It's fine don't worry about me, i'm used to take criticism. But as for the me talking about specs, it's because classes has specs, you don't play a class only, you play a class and a spec. And not all specs are balanced, they make a spec be so bad, that you need to change to the spec that is good at the moment. That is another issue to talk about. For you to play a class you will always need to select a spec, they are tangled either you like it or not. So obviously i will talk about specs when i talk about classes and vice versa.

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    About a good 100% of what I do in WOW involves class design.

    For the first time since 2004, i've never been so demoralized and depressed about an expansion. I guess it's just a coincidence that I lost interest in wow.

    We lost so much stuff coming from legion to BFA it's not even funny.

    We feel pruned, weak, and just flat out slower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dussenbar View Post
    I play a BM/MM hunter since Legion/BFA and I'm having fun so far. Don't see why people are that upset.
    Which means you never played it before and therefore has nothing to compare it to like we who has played previous expansions can. Ignorance is bliss.
    My hunter has been my main since Vanilla. Hunter at the moment is nothing like it used to be. It's slow and clunky and feels off. Also the class fantasy Blizz added to BM in Legion clashes with the class fantasy me and a lot of others had since Vanilla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poppincaps View Post
    I think BM is in the best spot it's ever been design wise. Same with Havoc DH (although that's not saying much as it's a new spec). I find MM to be an atrocious mess that has the weirdest flowing rotation I've ever played. SV is great but it's melee and them changing a ranged spec to melee was the worst decision they ever made.
    I don't think it had to be a bad decision, and if it had been made many expansions ago it'd have been fine. However, every new class introduced has been melee, so adding a melee spec in place of a ranged one was not a good choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oathy View Post
    Feel 100% the same.
    It never felt like a good replacement for the weapons in Legion.
    It goes deeper, they could have made the traits socketed items crafted by the professions and had each ring with one empty socket so that there was always choice or you could buy/craft the ones you wanted. That alone would have fixed many things with azerite gear in general.
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    Hard to pick what the worst mistake of BfA is when there's so many of them.

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