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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    I did that in vanilla when I was like 14. Can't do that shit now as an adult.
    Same. I'm not interested in doing it now either. Going to be interesting to see if they crack down on account sharing more now than they did during Vanilla. I don't know a single person, personally, that did the R14 grind by themselves. The time investment was too huge.

    Quote Originally Posted by Villentretenmerth View Post
    I got Rank13 once and Rank11 Twice in Vanilla and I won't got for 13/14 again. It was the worst grind of my life and I was on a super small Realm.
    It was horrible wasn't it? Honestly all these years later, all the PvP changes and all the PvE tiers and the rep grinds and everything else later and that grind is STILL the worst ever. I fucking hated myself the entire time that I did the PvP grind and I LOVED PvP. I was so happy to be done. I logged in, grabbed my shit, logged out, and didn't play for weeks after that.

    The worst part of it now is that I play horde so the gear looks like ass and I can't even really transmog it. The GM plate set was distinctive and amazing. Never really cared for the HWL one much.
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    I'm going to try and get as high as I can casually but certainly not aiming for rank 14.

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    Rank 14 was not nearly as difficult as most people make it out to be. The ONLY way it took grinding 16 hours per day is if you were an idiot and tried to get it on a high pop server. If you played on a new or low pop server it was actually less time invested than most things in modern WoW.
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    No way...

    I don't even know why I participated in pvp for rank 10. Was it because I liked the title "champion"? It was only made bearable because I made it into this group that was just there to push the rank 14 of the month, whoever was in line and there constantly was a group and very often a spot for easy wins and easy honour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    Rank 14 was not nearly as difficult as most people make it out to be. The ONLY way it took grinding 16 hours per day is if you were an idiot and tried to get it on a high pop server. If you played on a new or low pop server it was actually less time invested than most things in modern WoW.
    As someone who did it, in organized groups, as efficiently as you could possibly do it at the time, it was an absolutely massive grind and there has never been anything nearly as horrible in this game since then. I like how in your scenario players that played on decent servers were idiots who should have rolled characters on trash servers and add even more time to their grind.
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    Nah, I dont really like pvp, I am gonna get to Sergeant for the mount discount but thats about it.

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    probably going to stop around 10, just going to use it for gear and maybe help some others in my guild who are grinding higher.

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    I got High Warlord on my warrior back in vanilla when i didnt have family,school or a job.Now it would be impossible timewise.I can still remember those continious BGs literally half-asleep and not really having the option to quit because then i would have wasted all the time already invested to the grind.

    It was awesome experience to finally get the rank and as i logged in game the first time after reset and got like a 100 whispers congratulating me.It was mostly because it was realm and faction based progress and people pretty much always knew who was up next. Good and busy times!

    PS.i also miss the pvp banter on the realmforums

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    Its not realistic for me to push to 12+ time wise. I also have zero desire from a dedication perspective. I am involved with a group of people that plan on pushing for 13s and 14s so I should have the ability to hit 10 which is my loose goal.

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    I would be pvp'ing right now if they would release Classic. But of course these assholes are going to wait until August when life gets busy again and I don't have any time. But then again they are delaying the ranking system, too, right? So it won't even start until next year sometime probably. Hard to commit to something at least 9 months away.
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    No way. I have done some tiresome grinds in wow over the years, but I never even attempted going for HW/GM. Back in classic I got Knight L as the highest title.

    When I started playing wow and several years after that I spendt alot of time playing. I was young and didnt have to much "in the way".

    Now? Im a grown ass man with to much differnt things going on. Besides, I doubt I have the stamina for it anymore. I cant play the whole day or to late at night without ruining the next day(s) :P

    10+ years ago it was no stress just playing games 24/7 with friends and not caring about anything. I would have to quit my job, studies, gf and friends in order to get GM/HW today lol

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    Did it once, be a bit different now that I know wow a bit better but still not wanting to get this. It’s beyond a grind, it’s a life style change to get it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReverendChris View Post
    How about this one? High warlord / Grand Marshal? Have you got it in you? I think not for me.
    I spent 3 months of my life -when much younger- dedicated towards R14 .. It was insane, and should come with a General Surgeon warning and health insurance!

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    That would take grinding for 80 hours a week for months.
    That's a no from me dawg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dekkers View Post
    That would take grinding for 80 hours a week for months.
    That's a no from me dawg.
    Only 80 hours a week? You're optimistic. :3
    @ReverendChris: not a second time no. I'll get as high as I do from playing Alterac Valley for fun, last time I got about Rank 7 that way.
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    I have 2 titles in retail, Senior Sargent and Scout lol, I tried back in the day but was far too late.
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    - let's get real everyone, classic needs #somechanges get over it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akasha64 View Post
    Could I have gotten in the best guild with just r14? I don't know. Maybe. Perhaps it would have been a bonus, but maybe they wanted to see raid experience as well. The other guild was the first to scout me in an AQ20 run and asked me to apply.
    Well most of the dedicated players (R14) usually know how their class plays and were already geared so as long as they knew how not to stand in fire and do what they are advised to then they only would need to care about meters, where most of the time they have been good at, also did know hot to move the F out from shit on the ground 1-3 raids and you knew if youd keep that player or not. So yeah, easy invite and then check out.

    The ZG raids for our guild was much less formal, and that is where you really made friends, because it was a more close-knit group of people. And it never became irrelevant for us at least, because there were always people needing those enchants.
    We had few groups and did these mostly with alts to get heart of hakkar done for the "this is it guys! this is gonna be the kill" type of raids (ony/nef + ZG buffs).
    But yeah, we always farmed the enchants anyway (was 1-2 days for farm raids and 3-4 progress raiding - yup we raided 6-7 days per week).

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    Absolutely unrealistic goal that is a complete waste of time for the amount of hours required to be invested in daily.

    Screw that. Big pass from me.

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    I did rank 14 on Hakkar back in the days and it was quite horrible. The system was stupid TBH.

    We had a premade which would steamroll every single AB 5-0 in <5 minutes, not really that fun after a while. The guy who had to get to rank 14 on that week had to farm something like 500000 or 550000 Honor or whatever was called. Only toward the end of vanilla when they introduced cross-realms BGs we would sometime encounter some premades from other servers which were fun to play against but also a waste of time because you would get so much less points/time. I did it together with 2 other person sharing the account.

    Also yes, getting to Rank 14 was certainly not something which required skill by itself, but from what I remember most R14 were very good players pvp wise, not all but most.

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    I'll be happy f I rank higher than vanilla (Senior Sergeant), but I'm not going to go bananas with it. I don't think I'll have the same curiosity I did with it originally, but if I find a group to run with, who knows? No Warlord grind though, just not enough time.
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