Hello all, HORDE 392 enhance shaman Thrall server here looking to come back to the game after pretty much a 4-month absence from the game haven’t had a lot of time to stay in touch with wow news in quite a while. last content I really did was mythic uldir and normal Battle of Dazar’alor the first week of release so I’m a lil rusty but was looking to get back into the game and hopefully raid,most and the last guild i was in was an Aotc/ce guild called Detoxed, but in the time I’ve spent away from the game I’ve lost my raid spot and my rank in my absence and its totally understandable guilds have to fil the slot/void but with that being said I’m looking for a fresh start so my question is are there any decent heroic/mythic guilds recruiting a enhance shaman? my availability is Tuesdays through Thursdays could possibly swing Fridays Also my Bt is Truth#11644.