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    [A] <Nerd Crew> 9/9M 8/8M LF DPS/Heals

    <Nerd Crew> is a Mythic raiding guild on Stormrage. Our raiders consist of a core of 20 people who have raided at a top 50 level dating back to BC. We offer a fun and relaxed raiding environment, but at the same time we have a serious approach to progression.

    Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. 9 to 12 EST.

    Please note: We don't recruit for the bench, these are for starting positions. We are willing to consider any and all exceptional applicants, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

    Main recruiting needs at this time:
    • 1 SPriest
    • 1 Ret Paladin
    • 1 Death Knight
    • 1 Heals
    • Exceptional players

    Contact any of the following if you'd like to speak to us directly:
    • Jab#1474
    • Hadrious#1368
    • Peace#1890

    --->APPLY HERE<---

    Take a look at our kill vids and come on and join the crew!
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    Come join us, friends!

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    super happy fun times?

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    Looking for cute interrupt bots and a healer that's not afraid to PUMP

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    Shout out to all my crucible boys

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    Uu'nat gonna want to miss this!

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    give me caster bois pls

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