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    Personally I miss the old bonuses of the professions, like Enchanting could enchant an extra slot and Leatherworkers got a special enchant for their wrists (?) and I believe Blacksmithing could add a socket to gloves. JC had 1 unique better gem for themselves. I guess they removed it cause it was too hard for them to balance and people going full FOTM would pick certain professions but IMO it was nice having these different perks. The tools of the trade idea they introduced is a step in the right direction but not far enough. :P

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    I think a combination of WoD, Legion, and BFA would be best. Daily CDs that you could do if you want, upgradable gear for each tier, quests related to get the new recipes, BoP gear at the mythic level, and then tools of the trade (while making sure some of them aren't completely useless).
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    I want an expansion where we crafting is a part of artifact weapons.

    I really liked levelling up my artifacts in Legion, as well as questing to make Legendary belts on the side. Finally, my Blacksmithing was relevant to endgame players! I would LOVE a progression system where tradespeople could help create and/or improve our artifacts.

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