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I honestly feel that their team just lacked people with a background in RPGs.
It did, in every area for MMOs and rogs, but they raised their standards across the board, except in the story department where in game one stagnated and quality dropped. While they invested in extra material like novels and comics which is good, they made a much smaller effort compared to their art or systems or music team to give a world class world leading experience of lore. They never caught up to other titles in a way I feel they should have done.

They never got to the stage of voicing all quests,
Look how long it took for the quest window to change
Look how long it took them to switch from stationary noc and quest window to having alternatives like the npc following you and talking or giving you more info, stuff that could have been done in tbc.
They failed to bring out their lore in the hugely popular game, the biggest asset in taking the franchise to another level and drawing more people to the game.

Good lore would take to better movies and series which in turn draws far more people, not just traditional gamers to the actual game.

Yet despite failing to properly and seriously upgrade their lore, we fell in love with their world, their story, their races, but most of us who did, did so on the back of the RTS games not wow.

Many would have started playing wow cos of friends or ratig s, loved it, then gone back to follow the RTS, and because of the RTS games got heavily into the lore cos they wanted to know more about the iconic races and characters they loved so much to take on their avatars.

Failure to grasp how extremely important lore and story is in modern media entertainment and the impact it can have is astonishingly short sighted.

Whoever was in charge of lore did not stick up for it enough. He probably caved from the pressure from programmers, designers and senior guys who dont have or u understand the full importance of lire. It is his responsibility to persuade them, demonstrate to them and insist they do it right as well. Inspire them.

Judging from the art, the art team is plenty inspired by the lore to create the stunning imagery, they needed to have gotten voice actors program better noc quest deliveries, similar to how they do it mostly now in WQ or raids, like was done in the RTS telling a story alongside your adventure.

They did not and still dont