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    Why is the US so shit at mythic raids?

    Even though they get new raids a day earlier, almost every significant world first kill belongs to EU guilds. Why is US so shit at mythic raids?

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    Well, they aren't shit, they come close, and method has recruited players from the US before so? it's just a matter of man hours put in, Method will always put in the hours.

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    There are over 2x the number of people in Europe as there are in the USA. Even NA -> EU is 50% more people.

    Also, this is a pretty silly bait thread that will get locked pretty quickly.

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    Bait and troll topic right here. Needs closing quickly!
    Back to your bridge, you evil Troll!

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    Just as the thread closed already today on this same topic: We don't allow region vs region debate here. We are clearly not capable of discussing such a topic without insults.

    for moderation questions/concerns, please contact a global:

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