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    Planning on tanking so meh. Won't be my problem=D

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    As per the /r/classicwow census:
    12.7% Tank
    25.3% Healer
    62% DPS

    This means there'll be a shortage of tanks for 5-mans (should be 20%), but probably a dearth of tanks for 40-man raids (I don't think raids need 5 tanks except in special situations).
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    I will make a warrior tank only for raiding as an off tank .

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    Tanks and healers will always be in short supply, even more so in Classic.

    Both were difficult to do. Healing not AS much, but still somewhat. You couldn't just use max ranks of your spells, you'll oom super fast. You've gotta know which heals to cast on EVERY healer.

    There's absolutely NO hand holding.

    If it's too much for the retail crowd (tourists as they're called, get to level 10 and go back to retail) they can always just go back to retail

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    Will mainly roll a Tank to be Fury. But i'll be rolling with some IRL Friends and during leveling you'll be able to tank as your arms leveling spec. Will probably go Prot for a while at 60 to gather my gear. Will also have a ranking set and shield on me if im assigned OT duty in raids. But the dream is Fury deeps and Arms PvP. I never played Warrior past 56ish in Vanilla because by that time prepatch/TBC was out. So it'll be a baptism by fire for me.

    Can any oldschool tanks tell me if ranking lv60 5mans(UBRS/Strat/etc) will be doable in Fury spec? Or will it be better to just go Prot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferg View Post
    There will be more Warriors than any other class, and it won't be close.
    More Warriors =/= more tanks. A lot of people going into Classic are going to be mongoloids playing shit that most guilds didn't use for raiding, and they're going to refuse to swap to tank.
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    Trust me.

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    Play a healer, everyone and their mom will roll warrior
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    It really depends to be honest.

    Since leveling in Classic took an ungodly amount of time, very very few people were willing to reroll. I think world records were like 5 days /played or something? I found this site claiming to be the fastest using a Horde Hunter and coming it at 4 days 20 hours. Furthermore, people did not really understand class selection and the information on the landing page was sparse to say the least. Plus both druids and paladins were noted as potential tanks. However, in raid content, you really need a warrior or else you might have threat issues and tank one-shots due to luck.

    What I am getting at is that people know all that now. When Classic was live, even through BC/LK, leveling was too hard to repeat easily and most people did not plan their role for endgame. I remember picking a paladin strictly because their website had a list of all the classes and a blurb about them, and paladins talked about protecting allies, healing them, and being their shield. I had no idea about the holy trinity or anything, and luckily I enjoyed healing in the end, so my pick as a paladin was not a horrible fit (though I'd come to love druid far more).

    This time around, the amount of information known and being compiled about Classic would be the wet dream of any WoW player 15 years ago. People know that they need warriors, and if you want to tank raids, you need to be a warrior. Guilds will make sure to recruit a handful of warriors, treat them well, and keep them geared for >2 tank fights. People will pick classes less on their romantic ideas of what a class should do and more on the harsh reality of what they can do. If you like to heal, you know your choices. Want to tank? Warrior. Dps? We know the best picks. PvP? Same story.

    Sorry that went on for a while, the bottom line is that we know so much more and will be making conscience decisions based on how we want to play the game. Of course there will still be priests who really want to DPS and druids who really want to tank, but overall I think that more people will be playing specs/classes suited to the roles they want instead of trying to push their class into a specific role. This will naturally lead to a larger population of tanks and healers than before, and the people playing them will likely know what to expect (or have an okay idea at least).
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpellCleave View Post
    I don't think you are aware just how blindingly correct you are. I've worked my way to 32 in a certain *ahem* "place." And in this "place" it's warriors and rogues galore. They're gunna be frickin' everyhwere.
    To be fair, nobody is aware of being incorrect o.o

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    Been thinking about Classic and the Demand for Tanks. Was planning on going Spriest for PVP and raid but with that limited raid spot, have then planned to swap to Warrior and try out Fury/Prot

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