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    I've had traumatic experiences from men not respecting me saying I'm not interested, so yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanstos View Post
    Came across this... piece... and Im going to hold off my own personal opinions on it.

    I have hit on women and been rejected. I've never felt angry or turned violent. In fact, Its a humbling experience connecting with someone, all the planets align together, I take my shot AND.......... BOOM! Rejected.

    I have landed dates and I have passed on dates. Been on every side of the spectrum and I have yet to feel angry, anxious or turn violent.

    But thats JUST me, so im asking if anyone has experienced this OR know someone who has and would like your thoughts on this.

    I see nothing wrong with anything you've stated. The image is a troll post without a doubt. This is just some woman trying to virtue signal and white knight in order to get attention. She has gender identity issues, which is fine but don't pretend all men think like you. I've never seen or heard of anyone in my 36 years on this planet, being upset or offended when you try to say hi or anything when talking to someone. If they're interested, they'll more than likely reply, if they aren't, they won't. Then you move on with life. No big deal. While I'm not saying other scenarios don't exist or have never happened. They are not the norm, not even remotely.

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    I threw 2 drunk Poles out of a supermarket in The Netherlands last weekend bc they agressively insulted a young female employee who clearly (and understandably) wasn't interested.

    If i see men behave improper towards women (and children) i act. Many in my country do.

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    I've been upset with a breakup, but I don't do anything, just grab some beer and watch a movie or listen to my music real loud.

    I get what the guy is saying, but someone's gotta try something. Does her not having headphones in mean she's willing to listen to you? No. Does her looking around mean she's willing to look at you? No. Does her talking to someone else mean she's willing to talk to you? No.

    But shit man. Ya gotta start somewhere. I get not hitting on people at work, it's their job to be nice to you and they could lose it if they turn you down. But this tweet is basically saying "Men, don't hit on women."

    Like, it could say "If you go up to a lady and she turns you down, don't flip the fuck out." And yeah, we'd all find that a reasonable message, women aren't required to be into you.

    There's nothing about reading or listening to music that means a person doesn't want to talk to another person. I do this all the time, read with some light music on. Someone comes over and wants to get my attention, I stop what I'm doing for a sec, see what they want, and then carry on. Maybe THEY will be more interesting than my book or music. Sure, I don't have to fear that if I reject someone they might flip their shit on me (at least not in the way women do) but if we're gonna make the argument "If a woman is busy, don't talk to her." well fuck, we're all busy with something.

    Being at a bar and not reading a book and not listening to music doesn't mean she's any more open for a date than if she was.
    Quote Originally Posted by Masark View Post
    People in cars cause accidents. Accidents in cars cause people.
    "That's my style; I like to kick 'em when they're down!"
    And thus I give you: MALE contraception!

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    Headphones and a book? Well, I can't speak for her...but I know when I do something like that i want to be left alone.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sicari View Post
    We're gonna Godwin so much you might even get tired of Godwinning

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuse View Post
    Speaking to a stranger does not necessarily mean you are interested in a sexual encounter with that person. That's an absurd worldview to have. We are all capable of interacting with other human beings in a civil and social way. You can lob a flirtation at someone and see if it's reciprocated; actually our entire survival as a species relies on those verbal/nonverbal gestures. Even if you watch any Human Resources video about sexual harassment, they always indicate that what's appropriate is entirely subjective to the persons involved [but no one is a mind reader]. This doucheclown thinks people of two different sexes shouldn't be allowed to communicate in public? lol no
    No, it doesn't, but the hypothetical woman in this man's post has her headphones on and is reading a book. If that isn't non-verbal for 'leave me alone' or 'I don't feel like talking to anyone right now' I don't know what is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumorii View Post
    No idea what that post was for tbh. Seems to talk a lot for others. While true for some it's not true for everyone. I do agree on that if someone says no you should ofc respect that but the post seems like you shouldn't approach anyone rather than respecting a no.
    Pretty much this. Post plainly discourages you do attempt any kind of interaction, it's genuinely vile and ill-minded message under disguise of 'nice guy advice'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witchblade77 View Post
    to all of you who think you are entitled to attention from another person who is obviously doing something else? you are NOT. seriously, back when I still lived in a city and took public transit, I have lost count over being approached - when I was reading a book with earphones in, continue to be bothered when I would give non committal answers and tried to go back to reading, approached when i pretended to sleep ffs, my eyes were closed and everything.

    just... don't. please? or at a minimum, do understand that when the person is not actively engaging you back in a conversation (a good sign is if they look back down to their book instead of closing it and giving you full attention).

    and yes, i HAVE chosen my words very carefully when trying to reject attention, because i HAVE personaly experienced the "what, you think you are too good for me?" reaction. thankfully, haven't experienced physical violence. and because of course people are already getting defensive over not wanting to be approached... this. has. nothing. to do. with. vanity. why is it so hard to understand that sometimes.. a person would just rather be left alone. that they may not have spoons for random human interactions but still have to go outside, to get to work or whatever, becasue you know.. one needs to pay the bills and all. if someone is giving off the "do not approach signals, by reading a book, having earphones in their ears, having their eyes close, whatever else.... why. WHY must you approach them and say anything to them at all? i don't bother people who are obviously doing something else, unless they are the only person there and I have a question about directions or something like that. so why do you think its totally cool to do?

    now. there were also dudes who took no for an answer and did leave me be. so its not every single time occurrence. but we never know which one its going to be, so we tend to err on a side of caution. you can defensively call it sexist all you want, but while i don't assume that every man is violent, i do NOT know which one you are going to be until i interact with you.

    P.S. I've had unwanted interactions with women as well, though not in the same way. but i have to ask, what is it about american culture that makes people think that its ok to invade your personal space and touch you in any way, when you are strangers? (I don't even mean sexual touching, just don't grab my arm randomly either, becasue why would you? i just don't get it)

    oh and if you are going to approach people at the gym, at least have a decency to do so when they are BETWEEN SETS instead of in a middle of one. this whole being interrupted mid set, especially with free weights is why both SO and I decided to say screw it to gym memberships and just have a home gym instead. when i'm trying to focus on my form the LAST thing I want is someone breaking my concentration for anything other then "gym is on fire, we have to evacuate right now)
    Can second this. Fortunately, I live in a city where people tend to stare instead of approaching someone who doesn't wish to be approached.

    But I don't get why people would try to talk to someone clearly not interested in a conversation either.

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    Another thought is that in this internet era, socialization has lessened significantly.

    Social cues, mannerisms, etc have not been learned enough.

    Just a possibility

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    Always seemed a bit insensitive to me to complain about a problem other people would love to have

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    In general? Fuck no lol. Call me whatever you want, but, me being a coward in my own opinion, think fearing for your life if you reject a guy is weak-ass thing, seriously. Same thing with people fearing for their lives if someone just looks at them wrong in the supermarket, like come on man, get a grip.

    Being aware of your surroundings and recognizing that this could mean danger is great, but it doesn't mean you actuallly are in danger.

    *Obviously, you can take precautions if you really think you're dealing with a legit psycho who might have a meltdown or something, but fear for life still doesn't seem worth it.

    Someone who wants to kill you tend to do so regardless and not so...obviously.
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    Of course. Every man who ever got rejected by a woman always beats her, rapes her, and kills her. Every single woman knows that. I mean, every single woman who lives on the internet. People who live in the actual world, and don't pay attention to the bullshit fearmongering and propaganda probably never seen one single guy get violent when rejected. Well, when sober at least, since I suppose drunks sometimes might get violent, rejected or not.

    Also, the facebug post quoted in OP is the cringiest shit I've seen on the internet, and I've seen a lot.
    If the future is female...get ready for apocalypse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seranthor View Post
    Sorry, your quote means nothing to me.

    - - - Updated - - -

    So we now flame folks for being male? Pretty sexist of you, but, not even remotely a surprise.
    Ah damn that's a shame. Ah well. Best of luck getting a reply to those quotes, being my point.

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    I don't think there's anything wrong with telling someone you would like to go out on a date in an appropriate social context. If your overture is rejected you shouldn't get angry or violent about it, either; handling rejection with gracefulness can actually make a very good impression and even lead to future opportunities (though you shouldn't bank on that either). Social contexts where you should ask a person about possible dating are ones where interaction should be expected: bars, parties, group gatherings, etc. etc. Places where you probably shouldn't approach someone are places where there's an expectation of privacy or where there's no avenues of withdraw - public transit, taxis, or settings where open conversations aren't expected. You should also avoid it in situations that include an automatic imbalance of power - be it supervisor/employee, customer/waitstaff, etc. etc.

    Ideally no one should be afraid for their lives due to rejection as being rejected is not the end of the world.
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    SJW white knight thread.
    I have yet in my 35 years of age see a woman get bothered by a guy at a bus stop who's asking her for her number, Facebook, sex, etc. NOT ONCE.
    Shit, I have asked women at bus stops or trains but it was for directions.
    Fucking anti-man propaganda everywhere in this shit age. What, are we not supposed to turn to women at all to ask for stuff and just go talk to men?
    Fucking hell...

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    You're not to think you are anything special. You're not to think you are as good as we are. You're not to think you are smarter than we are. You're not to convince yourself that you are better than we are. You're not to think you know more than we do. You're not to think you are more important than we are. You're not to think you are good at anything. You're not to laugh at us. You're not to think anyone cares about you. You're not to think you can teach us anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Midnight Bomber View Post
    Headphones and a book? Well, I can't speak for her...but I know when I do something like that i want to be left alone.
    Yeah right? People are taking this like you're not allowed to chat up a woman. There's a time and a place - in a bar or club? Sure. On a train or something? Obviously not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strawberry View Post
    SJW white knight thread.
    I have yet in my 35 years of age see a woman get bothered by a guy at a bus stop who's asking her for her number, Facebook, sex, etc. NOT ONCE.
    It has happened to me a few times people pester me for my number but not at a bus stop specifically, on bus or train though. I've been asked how much for sex too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strawberry View Post
    SJW white knight thread.
    I have yet in my 35 years of age see a woman get bothered by a guy at a bus stop who's asking her for her number, Facebook, sex, etc. NOT ONCE.
    Shit, I have asked women at bus stops or trains but it was for directions.
    Fucking anti-man propaganda everywhere in this shit age. What, are we not supposed to turn to women at all to ask for stuff and just go talk to men?
    Fucking hell...
    Who the fuck goes up to someone and asks for sex lmfao, and then who the fuck is not offended by that? Stop lying lol

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    There's nothing wrong with that post. It's directed towards people who are probably not you, OP. And yes, these people do exist and I have had personal experiences with them.

    Yes this does happen to women, yes many men have a "won't take no for an answer" attitude. It's not always aggressive or violent but it is pushy and you can often hear mounting agitation in a guy's voice when you turn him down. When you're forced to basically either lie or shoot down a clueless guy's hopes to his face, one who may not be stable or rational, you're bound to encounter some bad eggs.

    The point of his post is that a woman walking down the street with headphones on, doing her own thing, not giving any signs that she wishes to be approached is not in the mood for your advances. You're almost always going to be turned down because we're not walking desire objects for every guy who wants a girlfriend. There's a time and place for everything and if you do that to someone at random trying to get from point A to point B then you're being a pain in the ass.
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