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    Are you a late bloomer?

    ? .

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    ?? What do you mean?? Like you weren't noticed at all in 6th grade but all of a sudden Junior year in High school you became a Super model?

    Or we talking height?

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    ? .
    Greetings this is the FBI. We have some questions.
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    Are you a 14 year old rebel wearing a Che Guevara shirt?

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    Early maturity is more noticeable...and embarrassing when you realize she's too young...

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    Greetings this is the FBI. We have some questions.
    Well, i think i'm a late bloomer, cause i never got a proper education or job in my early 20's. But now things are going better, i feel hope in the future. That's why i think im a late bloomer, is this correct?

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    Kind of. I was always small as a teenager. But I grew a lot between 18 and 21 and now I'm 6 ft.

    Yay genetics.

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    I was an extremely dorky kid in elementary/early middle school. If you went in my 5th grade yearbook and had to pick "Kid that sticks out the most" you would pick me out of 50 other people. Not exaggerating. I took off around 13~ though, when I started to care about my appearance a lot more because ye olde libido kicked in. I wasn't showering every day until I was nearly in high school.

    Lost my virginity at 14, had my first serious girlfriend at 16, tried pot for the first time at 17, got drunk for the first time at 17, I had my first job at 18, my drivers license at 19, did my first 1k mile road trip at 19, had sex for the second time at 20, moved out of my mothers house at 25.

    I guess at some things I was and some things I wasn't.

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