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    Worgen and Goblins to get Heritage Armor with Model Update

    (MMORPG.com interview)

    (Wowhead article)

    “Shortly after Rise of Azshara, you’ll see that,” Morgan explained. “These are the two races that haven’t been updated. They’ll have new heritage armor with that as well.”
    What do you think their Heritage Armor will look like? Wowhead speculates that the Worgen heritage armor will look like Genn's "hunter" skin from Heroes of the Storm, but it's also possible that they could have a more traditional "Gilnean guard" uniform, or perhaps a more updated version of the "noble" and Duskhaven outfits from the Darkmoon Faire and Island Expeditions, respectively. Gilnean humans and worgen hardly wear anything other than "fancy" or Victorian-inspired clothes in the game and in art.
    -"Hunter" skin
    -Gilnean Royal Guard
    -Gilnean Vigilante
    -Gilnean Royal Guard (HS)
    -Chief Inspector

    Goblins have a larger range of outfits that could represent who they are. We see a ton of Goblins wearing Gilnean-ish clothes, including top hats, like Gallywix. We also see some in unique armor outside WoW, like Blastmaster Boom. Otherwise, a Sapper outfit would be fitting for Goblins, playing on a bit of WC3 nostalgia. Another option comes from Hearthstone - while not canon, it could be a good example of "fancy" clothes to have them in more a "Mafia" style, as shown in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It's also not unheard of for Goblins to wear more mechanized outfits, similar to Gnomes.

    Some other examples of Goblin clothes:
    -Dr. Boom
    -Bomb Lobber
    -Madder Bomber
    -Goblin Sapper
    -Goblin Sapper (TCG)
    -Goblin Lackey
    -Big Time Racketeer
    -Grimestreet Outfitter
    -Grimestreet Pawnbroker
    -Mad Hatter
    -Omega Medic
    -Omega Agent
    -Auctionmaster Beardo

    So, what do you think their armor will look like? What do you hope it'll look like?
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    Goblin will definitely have that WW1 pilot look I am thinking with explosives.

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    Gnomes got goggles, so I would like some sort of eye glass thing like jewelers wear, but with cogs and maybe sparks or something.

    And a giant rocket pack (bonus points if it activates when you use the goblin racials)

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    I'd bet money that the Worgen Heritage armor will indeed be something like the "Hunter" skin from Heroes of the Storm, but maybe leaning a little heavier towards being a "suit" with ornaments, rather than "armor".

    However, it will display differently based on form; in your human-form, it'll be a pristine, posh-looking set. In Worgen-form, though, it'll be ripped up, and more gnarly-looking. I could even see some of the accents "twisting" and becoming more evil-looking in Worgen form (ie. the "skull" on the shoulder pad is something else, maybe a candle, in human-form).

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    Goblins will probably get something akin to a sapper/engineer.
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    If Taurens can get a big totem on their back then i hope the Goblins get the tinker armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tromage2 View Post

    If Taurens can get a big totem on their back then i hope the Goblins get the tinker armor.
    That tinker armor has more texture and poly's then all the armor in uldir put together something that complex will never happen.
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    I think Goblin heritage will have the big rocket on their back, WC3 style.

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