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    The only unboxing video that worth watching:
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    Only times I've watched unboxing videos was when I was planning on purchasing that product, and wanted to see how it appears in real life before purchasing it.

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    What is the appeal of watching some untalented dumbass take items out of a box and then say "oooooh aaaaaah thats soooooo cool omg"? I get why people make them, because it allows people with absolutely no talent to rake in cash from youtube if they get lucky. But who the hell watches these things? Even the lowest of the low forms of reality television shows have more entertaining shit going on than this.

    Entertainment value wise, i'd rank unboxing videos a good bit below reality TV shows and very, very slightly above watching paint dry.
    only time i watch them is when I'm interested in a product and want to know what's in the box and how it looks or how big the contents of the product are compared to another person. I've never cared much about WHO did the unboxing, as that's irrelevant as fuck.

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    In the religion of Consumerism, Unboxing is a sacred ritual of worship. We induct children through videos of unboxing so they too can appreciate that their social value is entirely dependent on what they own.
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    I would watch that in the occasion I already consumed ALL content on YouTube, so I assume people do it for that reason.

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