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    Question Emoji's and Texting in emails in a professional enviornment.

    What do you guys think when a co-worker or someone you are dealing with in business sends you an email with smiley faces or short hand like "LOL"? I feel it's unprofessional when people do this. Maybe it's because I had email before social media and smart phones, I don't know it just doesn't feel right to communicate this way.

    Am I too old fashion or do you feel the same?
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    If it’s work related, prob not something you want to do. If it’s not work related, I don’t see an issue.
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    It's hard to understand the mood that an e-mail or text is sent it. So the people that send you something add a little lol or hehe or smiley face to see that it's nothing serious/complaint/berating you etc . Especialy in the case of co-workers .

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    Depends on the culture of your individual office environment. hashtag smiley face

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    If it's an unimportant issue or something being sent as the digital equivalent of watercooler talk, whatever. If it's an official message regarding an ongoing project, product, or other task, I'd very much prefer a clinical tone in communications versus "OMG so hey, Thage, when you have a minute to #HandleIt, : praying emoji: can you take a look at this spreadsheet and figure out what's wrong with it? thx LYL xoxoxoxo" That being said, I recently started working at a relative's law office so there's a certain level of professionalism we need to maintain, in a less formal professional environment more personal communication is probably acceptable.
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    To me it depends on the work enviroment. I work at a marketing and puplicity agency and we use emojis on email when it suits the subject but never use "slangs" like ROFL or OMG etc.
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    Gotta use this thing called common sense to determine whether it's appropriate or not. There's a time and place for everything.

    Wrong way:
    "Invoices on the bottom shelf, balance sheets on the top LOL"
    Right way:
    "A bird just slammed into window outside my office LOL".

    If both of these are right OR wrong to anyone, congratulations you're socially inept and your co-workers don't like you.
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    Frankly, it depends. A text with up-to-date emoji and abbr. is OK both in casual and work time for me, but some other guys might have different opinions on this.

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    Between colleagues for banter is fine.

    Between a superior, just... Don't.

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