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    It's okay... I don;t think it's bad, but it's no where near great either.
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    Enjoying it much more than Legion's start. Hard to remember much past that, but BFA had a rocky first 3 or so months, then after that has gotten significantly better.
    Its hardly different from legion though, honestly.

    My class is basically exactly as it was in Legion, minus the artifact, so can't really understand the class complaints, considering the class changed so much from WoD into Legion that its hard to even call them the same spec.
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    BFA is somewhere between a turd and a pile of shit. Having played every xpac but MoP I can safely put this one right next to WoD and Cata as the shittiest of the shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biomega View Post
    Not having to deal with RNG legendaries. Had Legion had the currency thing from the end right away, it would have been no contest. But it REALLY pissed me off not to be competitive for X weeks because I didn't get the right legendary.

    Legion did many things right, but it also did a lot of things wrong. Tomb of Sargeras was one of the best raids, but Antorus was really bad. In fact the whole ending of the expansion and the Argus parts in particular were phenomenally disappointing given how significant they are in the lore and history of the game.

    And I STILL had overall more fun in Legion than I do in BFA, though that's probably got to do with class design above all else. It's really easy to overlook all the other things if the core part of your gameplay is suffering.

    That's not to say BFA doesn't also have its highlights. I really like the dungeons. They're all fun and engaging, and a pleasure to play on M+ (caveat: I play Outlaw Rogue and Resto Druid so I'm probably biased). The raids, eh, not so much fun. They're not terrible by any stretch, but also not particularly amazing. A few fights are great fun (like e.g. Uu'nat) but others are also just a terrible slog full of contrived BS (Mekkatorque...).

    Overall, I personally rank BFA slightly below Legion, but above MoP and WoD (which remains, to me, the worst expansion of all time).
    Confirmed idiot... Tomb of Soakgeras is one of the worst raids in memory.

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    not particularly but i don't see any other mmo offering what wow does for this subscription. i would have enjoyed playing rift but that went p2w, archeage...same, aion...same.
    i only play this for raiding, i think it looks like shit even compared to rift(raiding was more fun on that at least for me), ocassionaly plays like shit but as i said there is nothing better out there that fits me.
    plus i can do fairly much with a small amount of time invested.

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    I'm enjoying BFA. I like the story. I like how my class plays. I like hanging out with my guid and my friends doing mythic keystone dungeons and mythic raiding. I still log on almost every day and I'm currently, actively, levelling 4 different toons.

    I am ready for the next patch to come out. It looks awesome and I can't wait.

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    I am in total raid log and one +10 m+ a week mode. So I cannot say I am enjoying the expansion much. Sure in 8.2 I might log until the reps are up and the need to do stuff is done.. then just back to raid logging. Thankfully I got classic beta... SOMETHING to do

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    There’s not much to like in bfa. It’s just really poor in most aspects. I still sub and play it though because I am a wow addict at heart.

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    Not nearly as good as Legion was but it still keeps me busy and im enjoying it!

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    Enjoying the fence, I have done all what I care which was all the questlines in Zandalar, level up my prelate zandalari and all the new dino mounts.
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    Voted Baine because... Well, Baine. Total nonsensical character, looks like World War II Italy, nobody really understands what role he's supposed to fill, not even himself

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Is that retri, protection or holy? Serious question, but I don't see that many different talents and spells (retri and protection, didn't play holy yet) and in the content I play (which admittedly is NOT mythic), I really don't see much of a difference.

    The time I switched mains was actually during Cata until mid WoD, so maybe we just like different playstyles. Curious about what you have to say.
    Sorry to respond so late. I was protection main and to me paladin was hollowed out in Legion (which is when I quit raiding as her) the loss of Holy Power and Seals made it a helluva disconnect between expansions when the secondary resource of paladins became judgment CD and nothing else. Where once a paladins rotation was quite dynamic between appropriately using procs and other skills based on your tanking/gear situation, it became a rather straight forward grind of a rotation, which severely hampers my enjoyment.

    I know that cadence was not everyone's favorite, but it truly made me feel like I was an elegant exemplar of the light expertly manuevering/bashing-heads with a some backup by the light. Now it just feels like I'm a shy warrior with a thunderclap that ticks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maquegyver View Post
    Confirmed idiot... Tomb of Soakgeras is one of the worst raids in memory.
    what didn't you like about tos?
    ill probably be infracted for this post

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    I log in to keep the ball rolling, my guild going... in hopes the next patch will feel better. Thought I know it probably won't. I don't think I've ever been this depressed about the game, while still actively attempting to hang in there, instead of hanging it up for the expansion.

    Something is wrong, probably me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roar-Powah View Post

    How in the hell can anyone have any fun or still be subbed when a core part of the game isn't working, how can this issue be still ongoing for so long now.

    Pretty sure alot ppl are forcefully to "pretend to enjoy" it. Me and my friends just recently subbed back few days ago and couple my friends want to play some pvp and some raid and some mythic+. BOY, We were so wrong. Nothing is appealing anymore, ghosttown everywhere in. So we reached to final decision to not even come back. Perhaps Classic vanilla would change our minds but it's unlikely. There are other better games to play right now.

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    Unsubbed for the first time since WoW launch.
    Doesn't matter what content there is when there's no specs in the entire game that I can actually enjoy playing.

    The closest I could find was Survival Hunter, but it feels like shit below like 25% haste.

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    Haven't played since before 8.1. The last time (and previously only time) I cancelled my sub was back in WoD but here we are again. For me, Destiny and Borderlands now scratch the itch that WoW used to, I'm sad to say.

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