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    Turning HS into a TCG

    Hearthstone is categorized as a Collectible Card Game. It would be intetesting if Blizz made it into a Trading Care Game.

    Should trading be implemente in HS?

    You want to play a Big Mage, but you don't have Khadgar and your friend has it.

    You got bored of your Bomb Warrior and your friend wishes to try it out, but he's Missing Dr. Boom

    With a trading option you could consentually swap cards with your friends.

    Pros? Cons?
    Can this system be abused?

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    I'd say yes, it'll definetly be abused. RMT will be pretty rampant.
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    Cons, bots will destroy the game. The game won't make any money while there is a way to get cards by playing the game. So for this to work, the cards can only be gained via RM purchases or some kind friend.
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    If it was trading I'm pretty sure that you'd never be able to get packs for gold again, sadly. As kail says, you'd have an army of bots farming easy gold wins, buying packs, and then farmers selling those cards to people for real money.

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