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    Quote Originally Posted by Varx View Post
    But based on your concept these are chromatic drakes and based on lore these drakes use all the flights' abilities. Its fine if a spec focuses more on one flight depending on the combat role, ie tanks focusing more on black dragons. But the MAIN fantasy of a dragonsworn would be to utilize all draconic abilities period. Like how all shamans use all 4 elements one way or another.

    I think trying to fulfill fantasies that follow one dragon flight would needlessly stretch out the class imo. Such as 5 spec just cuz some nerds think ysera is hotter than alex.

    Also you could achieve those fantasies through glyphs.
    Your dragon form changes to a specific color from their chromatic form depending on glyph.

    Glyph of ruby scales
    Glyph of obsidian
    Glyph of sapphire
    Glyph of amber
    Glyph of emerald

    Make dragonsworn the elite champions of ALL dragons, champions of the renewed wyrmrest accord.
    But don't you think that is lacking identity? For example how would a tanking spec define itself as being different from other tanking specializations? In my concept the Black Dragonflight's influence makes the tanking firey and volcanic like the Dragonflight itself. How would that level of distinction emerge in a class that mixes and matches different flights?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wanax View Post
    I’d also add Dark Iron and High Mountain

    Horde: Tauren, Troll, Belf, Goblin, HM Tauren, Zandalari
    Alliance: Human, Nelf, Dwarf, Gnome, Dark Iron, KT Human
    I'd make it all races except Forsaken and Worgen. I think if you have the ability to disguise yourself as any race on a basic level, you should have your pick. Obviously you'd have to grind out the ARs before you can choose one.
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    Who doesn't love dragons? I would play this class. Nice write up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    But don't you think that is lacking identity? For example how would a tanking spec define itself as being different from other tanking specializations? In my concept the Black Dragonflight's influence makes the tanking firey and volcanic like the Dragonflight itself. How would that level of distinction emerge in a class that mixes and matches different flights?
    Like i said, the tanking spec could have more of an afinity to the black flight, the bow spec to the blue flight, heals green and red, caster to bronze.

    However, each spec would be able to dip into the other flights a little.

    Think of mages. You can clearly see the difference between all 3 specs but each one still has a few of the other specs magic schools.

    Making 5 very distinct specs just for the sake of following each flight just makes it look like 5 different classes. It stretches the class too far. Plus it defeats the whole purpous of chromatic drakes.

    Even in lore the green and red flights are very similar, it makes sense to mix them in one spec for both lorewise and gameplay practically.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    But don't you think that is lacking identity? For example how would a tanking spec define itself as being different from other tanking specializations? In my concept the Black Dragonflight's influence makes the tanking firey and volcanic like the Dragonflight itself. How would that level of distinction emerge in a class that mixes and matches different flights?
    It does get a bit wavy, I agree. But I think it's manageable, given that we have some examples from existing classes with mutliple themes within a spec.

    One possibility is treating Aspects as Warrior Stances, giving players the option to specialize in a related color. These would be Spec-related, so basically you get 2 healer specs in one through choosing Red aspect or Green aspect, and your basic abilities get modified appropriately. For Tanking, Black would obviously be the Prot stance, but there could be other options like Red or Bronze that have other utility, like Guardian druid going Catform or Prot Warrior going Berserker stance for leveling.

    However, spells of all colors would be accessible, and choosing stance mostly picks the overall theme of your basic abilities. So as a Tank spec, you might have a blue Barrier ability, a bronze movement boost and a green Phase Shift evasion-type ability. I would say having them as cooldown abilities that support you would be the way to go, just like how Balance Druids are primarily themed on Sun and Moon core mechanics, but use Nature spells like entangling roots and treants as cooldown/support.
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    As awesome as I think it is consider the following: Blizzard would never put something so illustrious into the hands of the player.

    With Deathknights and Demon Hunters what you get is a significantly powered-down version the class concept.

    You want to be Arthas but instead you're more of a Mograine. You want to be Iliidan instead you generic Lazer Elf # 481

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    can this please stay NPC.
    like DK did anything good to the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amunrasonther View Post
    Who doesn't love dragons? I would play this class. Nice write up.
    Coming from you, that means a lot. Thank you.
    My comic series inspired by WoW and MMOs:

    Tinker Class Concept 2018 Dragonsworn Class Concept 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    Coming from you, that means a lot. Thank you.
    Thank you. I really liked the Dreamweaver healing spec, especially the Lucid Dream spell with its bonus effect. How come you didn't use a Cleansing Flames spell for your red healing spec? That's a HoTS Alextrasza spell and what should be the main focus of this spec, in my opinion -- using fire to heal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amunrasonther View Post
    Who doesn't love dragons?
    The ( surviving ) inhabitants of King’s Landing.
    Too soon ?

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    Was thinking about this again.
    There are 5 large dragon races, but 4 specs seem fine.
    They could weave the powers of the 5th race as standard for all the spec., like all mages have polymorph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerossi View Post
    The ( surviving ) inhabitants of King’s Landing.
    Too soon ?
    I don't acknowledge that decision from Daenerys Targaryen. I blame Bran. I'm sure it's his fault somehow.

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    Good job.

    Who knows!
    “Life is and will ever remain an equation incapable of solution, but it contains certain known factors.”

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    I think you just crated my dream class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    The Dragonsworn Class

    I. Overview

    Dragonsworn is a hybrid, 4 spec Hero class that revolves around magic and the ability to briefly transform into a dragon. This class is capable of performing DPS, Tanking, and Healing, and is playable by every race except for Worgen and Forsaken. Allied Races should be included for potential races. Each spec is based on 4 different dragon flights, and corresponds with their general lore. The Black Dragonflight is the flight that protects the Earth, and thus is the tanking specialization. The Red and Green Dragonflights are the flight of creation and life, thus they are the healing specs. The Blue and Bronze dragon flights are DPS specs utilizing a variety of magical attacks and granting utility for their allies. However, while Bronze is pure ranged, the Blue spec is a hybrid physical/magical ranged spec similar to a Spell Hunter.

    In the Dragonsworn class, the player's race is actually Dragon. When the player chooses a race in the selection screen, they're actually selecting their human form. The player is a new type of Chromatic Dragon, capable of changing flights at will and assuming their powers and abilities. This allows the player's character to switch between Dragonflights as easily as other classes switch between specs. The lore behind this, and the treatment of this new dragon flight is open to interpretation and development. I'm merely using it as a method in which to allow the player to swap between Dragonflights and allowing it to make sense.

    II. Class Specifics

    Humanoid Form and Dragon Form

    During the majority of your gameplay, you will be in human form, blending in with the other mortals of Azeroth as much as possible. However, there should be some different aspects to the Dragon Humanoid form than standard races. Anything from different hair types, eye colors, tattoos, skin color, emotes or other features should be available.

    Every Dragonsworn spec has the ability to enter Dragon form during battle. Entering Dragon form occurs when your resource reaches a certain point. Once activated, you will remain in Dragon form until your resource runs out, or you cancel the form. In addition, some abilities such as Wing Flap and Dragonfire temporarily transforms you into a dragon. Dragonfire has a slight chance to keep you in dragon form for 12 seconds.


    Roles: Tank, MDPS, RDPS, Healing
    Resource: Dragon Soul, Mana
    Armor: Mail
    Weapons: Polearms, Shields, Mace, swords, 2H swords, Staves, Bows, Xbows, Guns
    Primary Stats: Agility and INT
    Races: All except for Forsaken and Worgen

    Dragon Fire

    Each spec has the ability of Dragon Fire in all forms. However, Dragon Fire takes on different properties depending on your current Dragon Flight. Activating Dragon Fire has a low chance to cause your character to turn into a dragon.

    Black Dragonflight:
    Cataclysm: Breaths Shadowflame, dealing initial damage, and damage over time for 6 seconds. Black Dragonflights Dragon fire generates threat, and has a slightly higher chance of triggering Dragon Form.

    Blue Dragonflight:
    Azure Blaze: Deals Arcane/Frost damage, chilling targets in its patch and increasing your arcane damage done to the target by X% for X seconds. Arcane damage restores mana for duration. Blue Dragonflight's Dragon Fire is arcane and has additional range.

    Red Dragonflight:
    Restorative Flames: Your Dragon Fire also heals allies. Red Dragonflight's Dragon Fire has a wider cone.

    Bronze Dragonflight:
    Timless Blaze: Breathes temporal sand instead of fire. Damage done to targets slows them by X% for 8 seconds. Your damage to target increases haste by X for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. Bronze Dragonflight's Dragon Fire has a shorter cooldown.

    Green Dragonflight:
    Emerald Blaze: Breathes a stream of Emerald Fire that poisons targets within its cone. In the Dream state, this increases your healing power by X%. In the Nightmare state, this increases your damage by X%, and the damage over time effects heal party members within 45 yards. When activated in the Nightmare state, you take on the appearance of a Nightmare drake.

    Flight Form

    After a certain level, Dragonsworn learn the ability to transform into a unique dragon form (Chromatic Dragon, or from their spec/dragon flight) that allows them to fly while outside of combat. This form is instant cast, and your party members can ride on your back!

    III. General Abilities

    Flame Buffet: Launches a ball of fire at a target, damaging them and burning them for 3 seconds. If a burning target is hit, Flame Buffet deals additional damage.

    Wing Flap: Flap your dragon wings, pushing an enemy away from you. (30 second CD) In Dragon Form this ability has no cooldown, and also causes damage.

    Dragon Form: Temporarily transform into a Dragon, increasing your HP and armor, and enhancing your abilities. Dragonfire has a low chance to make you enter this form for 12 seconds. This chance is slightly increased in the Earthwarden spec.

    Dragon Fire: Transform into a dragon and blast an area with fire, dealing damage in a cone in front of the caster, instantly returning to humanoid form afterwards. (1 minute CD) Dragon Fire has a low chance to trigger Dragon Form for 12 seconds. In Dragon Form, this ability has 2 charges, and its cooldown is reduced to 3 seconds.

    Dragon Roar: Unleash a powerful roar that inspires your allies and strikes fear into your enemies around you. Increases the movement speed of your allies by 10% and decreases the movement speed of your enemies by 10% for 12 seconds. (2 minute CD) Only useable in Dragon Form.

    Draconic Scales: Reduces the damage you take for 8 seconds. Grants an additional effect based on your current Dragonflight. (1.5 minute CD) While Dragon Form is active, the duration of Draconic Scales is increased by 50%.

    Skyfire: (Channel) Transform into a dragon and fly into the air, bombarding a targeted area with flames for X seconds. (5 minute CD) Has different effects based on Dragonflight:

    +Black: All targets are inflicted with Shadowflame DoT effect for 6 seconds.
    +Blue: All targets suffer Arcane/Frost damage.
    +Red: Allies can be healed by the bombardment (Can be used as a healing spell).
    +Bronze: Targeted area becomes Slowing Sands with a shorter duration.
    +Green: Deals nature damage to all targets in the area, and empowers whichever state you are currently in.

    IV. Specializations

    Earthwarden Black Dragonflight, Tank

    Guardians of the world, Earthwardens combine raw destructive power , with the stability and solidity of earth beneath them. The Earthwardenuses the power of the planet itself to wreck fiery havoc on his enemies, and to protect his wary allies.

    *Dragon Form has increased armor, higher than Dragon Form in other specs. Skyfire will leave a molten pool in the targeted area for a few seconds after duration.

    Cataclysmic Weapon: Imbues your weapon with Black Dragon Fire, giving your melee attacks a chance to cause splash damage.

    Molten Strike: (2 charges) Strikes the enemy with a molten blade, dealing fire damage. If this hits a target currently burning, it will extend the duration of Burn by 2 seconds.

    Draconic Sweep: Swings your weapon in an arc in front of you, dealing damage to all enemies within range, and setting them ablaze. If already under the effect of Burn or Shadowflame, they will suffer critical damage.

    Cataclysmic Armor: Burst into flames, dealing damage to enemies in a 6 yard radius, but rapidly drain your mana. Damage done to your enemies through cataclysmic armor or through your attacks heals you for a percent of the damage. Damage done to burning enemies deals more damage.

    Stonecracker: Stomps the ground, causing damage to all targets in 8 yards around the caster, and slowing them for a few seconds.

    Beneath the Surface: (passive) Your melee attacks have a chance for your enemy to see your true form, horrifying them for a few seconds. Horrified enemies take increased damage.

    Firestorm: (passive) Your Wing Flap ability causes any target that is currently afflicted with Shadow Fire or Burn to spread it to nearby enemies. When this occurs, Shadowfire and Burn restart their duration.

    Worldbreaker: Enter into a rage, reducing damage taken by 6%, and increasing your attack speed by 20% for 8 seconds. While enraged, critical strikes heal you for a % of the damage done. (3 minute cooldown)

    Molten Scales: (passive) While Draconic Scales is active, molten lava seeps from your armor, causing it to splash onto enemy melee attackers and damaging them while increasing your armor by 5%. Armor increase stacks up to 5 times.

    Spellweaver Blue Dragonflight, DPS

    Spellweavers combine their mastery of the arcane with swift arrow attacks to create a beautiful, yet deadly blend of magic and archery.

    *Flame Buffet turns into Azure Buffet, dealing Arcane/Frost damage instead of Fire damage. "Azure" damage is Arcane/Frost damage.

    Azure Shot: (2 charges) Fires an Arcane/frozen arrow at a target, dealing Azure damage, and slowing movement speed for 2 seconds.

    Prismatic Arrow: Fires an arrow that becomes pure arcane energy, dealing damage to all targets in a line, and leaving a Leyline in its path that lasts for 15 seconds.

    Wailing Arrow: Fires an arrow that then explodes on the first target hit, dealing arcane damage to all targets within 6 yards of the explosion, and silencing the initial target for 3 seconds. Player can detonate Wailing Arrow at any point.

    Fang of Malygos Fires a magical arrow at a target, knocking it back 5 yards and causing arcane damage. If the arrow critically hits, a second arrow instantly fires causing frost damage and freezing the target. If the target dies after the initial arrow, Dragon's Arrow will refund the mana cost and reset its cooldown.

    Runemaster: (passive) Standing on a Leyline increases your mana regeneration and spell damage by 15%.

    Azure Blade: Throws a dagger laced with arcane/frost magic at a target, dealing Azure damage, and bouncing to a neighboring target twice, dealing reduced damage after each bounce. (30 second CD)

    Wild Magic Copies a random magical spell from any neighboring humanoid, dragon, or demon mob nearby. Copied spell lasts 1 hour.

    Dragonflight: Summons an Azure Drake which flies forward breathing Azure flames, dealing Azure damage to all targets in its path. At the end of its flight, the Dragon will leave a Ley Line behind. Activating Dragonflight again will teleport you to the Dragonflight's current location in its flight path.

    Ebullience: (passive) When at 75% mana or more, you move 15% faster. (Does not stack with mount speed)

    Brilliant Azure Scales: (passive) While Draconic Scales is active, melee attacks against you increase your Arcane and Frost damage by 2%, stacking up to 5 times.

    Lifebinder Red Dragonflight, Healing

    Empowered by the Titans to be the guardians of life, Lifebinders do whatever it takes to protect life even at the possible cost of their own.

    *Critical Flame Buffet strikes will heal the Lifebinder for a % of the damage.

    Gift of Life: Sacrifice an amount of your health to instantly heal an ally for 150% of the amount of life you sacrificed. Gift of Life costs no mana.

    Preservation: Plant a seed of healing that blooms after 3 seconds, healing nearby allied Heroes for a % of their maximum Health.

    Nourishing Fumes: (passive) Allies near the Lifebinder during Dragon Fire are healed over 6 seconds.

    Life Binder: Sacrifice your mana, dividing the total amount of expended mana between you and an allied target and converting it into life. While your mana is below 35%, the healing power of your Gift of Life spell is increased.

    Exuberance: (passive) At 75% health or more, you move 15% faster. (Does not stack with mount speed)

    Unbinding: Sacrifice a significant portion of your health and your mana to heal your ally for 300% of the health sacrificed, and deal damage to enemies within 8 yards around your ally for 300% of the mana sacrificed. (3 minute CD)

    Blossom of Life: (Talent) Critical heals will spawn a Blossom of Life near your location. You or your allies can collect up to 3 blossoms. Consuming the Blossom will heal you for a % of your maximum health. 1 minute cooldown. In addition, if you cast Gift of Life while holding a blossom, Gift of Life will consume the blossom instead. This effect does not work while Life Binder is active.

    Restorative Scales: (passive) While Draconic Scales is active, damage done to you heals you instead.

    Timewalker Bronze Dragonflight, DPS

    Manipulators of the sands of time. Timewalkers use their great power to control and eventually destroy their enemies.

    *Critical Flame Buffet strikes reduce the Cooldown of Dragon Fire. Dragon Fire has a 45 second base CD.

    Sandblast: Fires a missile of temporal sand at a target. When casted, Sandblast leaves a temporal echo that can mimic the Timewalker's sandblast when casted again, dealing reduced damage. The echo lasts for 6 seconds.

    Meridian: Instantly switch locations with your Echo while it is active.

    Dragon's Breath: Launches a missile of sand into an air, landing on a targeted area dealing damage to all targets within it, and slowing the movement and attack speed of targets in the center.

    Slowing Sands: Creates a sand vortex that slows enemies within it by 5% every 0.25 seconds, up to 75%.

    Time Trap: Place a Time Trap that arms and Stealths after 2 seconds. The trap can activated to detonate the trap, placing all nearby enemies in Time Stop for 3 seconds. Maximum of 2 traps can active at a time. Enemies in time stop take increased damage from Sandblast.

    Temporal Loop: The Timewalker places a spell on a target. After 3 seconds, the target is instantly teleported back to the location where the spell was originally placed. Basic Abilities recharge faster for 3 seconds after casting Temporal Loop.

    Blessing of Nozari: Increases movement speed by 30% and your abilities recharge 30% faster for 10 seconds. (3 minute CD).

    Temporal Scales: (passive) While Draconic Scales is active, enemy melee attacks increase your haste by 6%. Stacks up to 3 times.

    Dreamweaver Green Dragonflight, Healing

    Always mindful of the balance between dreams and nightmares, the Dreamweavers utilize the power of dreams and nature to sustain their allies and punish their enemies.

    *Dreamweavers have a special bar that balances between the Dream and Nightmare. When tilted towards the Dream, healing power is increased. When titled towards the Nightmare, Damage is increased. Certain abilities such as Dragon Fire takes on new properties when the Dreamweaver enters the Nightmare or the Dream. Eternal Slumber empowers both aspects at the same time. Flame Buffet becomes Emerald Buffet, a direct healing spell that reinforces whatever state you're in, increasing healing if in the dream state, or increasing damage in the nightmare state. Abilities within each alignment will empower one state, and weaken the other unless they are dual alignment.

    Slumber: (Dream) Places a spell on a friendly target, relaxing their body and calming their mind. Slumber heals the target over time and reduces the damage they take. Healing increases and damage reduction decays over time.

    Dream Whelpling: (Dream) Summons a whelpling that fights by your side for 15 seconds, and increases your healing power and dream power for every enemy it damages. (1.5 minute cooldown). Dream Whelplings cannot be summoned if a Druid of the Nightmare is active. Dream Whelplings have a chance to cast Slumber on a friendly target.

    Lucid Dream: (Dream) (channel) Connect with an ally, increasing their healing from all sources by X%. If a target dies while under the effect of Lucid Dream, they enter a state of sleep instead of dying and are healed for 25% of their maximum health. This effect cannot occur more than once every 15 minutes.

    Wish: (Dream) Instantly heals the nearest ally with the lowest HP. If casting Lucid Dream, your target of Lucid Dream will also be healed for 30% of the total healing amount.

    Locust Swarm: (Dream)(Nightmare) Deals damage over time to a target, empowering whichever alignment you're currently in.

    Wisp: (Dream)(Nightmare) A wisp floats around the caster increasing healing or damage depending on alignment. The caster can detonate a wisp to restore 200% of the Wisp's mana cost over time. Lasts 1 minute. (30 second CD)

    Nightmare: (Nightmare) Places a powerful spell on the target, dealing damage over time and slowing their movement speed. Targets under this spell have a chance to go to sleep. Damage done to the target heals the caster and all nearby allies. If the target falls asleep while the DoT is active, the healing is increased. If under the effects of Nightmare, damage does not awaken the target.

    Druid of the Nightmare: (Nightmare) Summon a Druid of the Nightmare that transforms into a hideous creature. When it attacks enemy targets, you are healed for a % of the damage done. Druid of the Nightmare has a chance to cast Nightmare on the target.

    Nightmare Brambles: (Nightmare) The Nightmare Brambles root targets in a radius, and inflicting Shadow damage and additional Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. Damage will release the target.

    Eternal Slumber: (Dream)(Nightmare) Empowers both of your alignments, increasing both your healing and damage for the duration. Lasts 12 seconds (5 minute CD).

    Duskbreaker: At the peak of slumber, you abruptly leave the dream, unleashing a wave of energy in all directions that heals all allies within 100 yards and removes any status effects. Your alignment immediately resets to zero. Requires you to be in either full Dream or full Nightmare status. Cannot build towards the Dream or Nightmare for 15 seconds. (8 minute CD).

    Blessing of Meritha/Curse of Nythendra : (passive)(Dream)(Nightmare) Heals a nearby ally for 2% of their total health every 5 seconds/Deals damage to a nearby enemy for 2% of their total health every 5 seconds.

    Nocturnal Scales: While Draconic Scales is active, enemy melee attacks either increase your healing or your damage depending on your current alignment. If under the effects of Eternal Slumber, both attributes are increased.

    V. Notes and Thanks

    1. The Lifebinder and Timewalker specs are heavily based on HotS heroes Chromie and Alexstrasza. If you have alternate ideas. please share them.
    2. I will be editing this post over time. I won't be doing talents or anything like that.
    3. I don't own nor create any art in this post.
    4. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.
    5. Shout out to @wanax for inspiring me to write this post.
    6. Please note that these are just SAMPLE abilities. I would definitely have talents and abilities that mention Wrathion and other cool stuff.
    This is incredible and would tie into the Dragon Isles expansion perfectly, maybe even involve the Emerald Dream proper with the Dreamwaver spec and Wrathion would receive a proper role. Thanks to you, this is now my second most requested class, just due to how well thought out it is.

    1. Necromancer
    2. Dragonsworn
    3. Bard
    4. Dark Ranger
    5. Tinker

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    So a race that has only one class and a whopping five new effective specs to balance.

    It just doesn't feel like it fits, and we have plenty of classes/specs right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    So a race that has only one class and a whopping five new effective specs to balance.

    It just doesn't feel like it fits, and we have plenty of classes/specs right now.
    Stop right there! You are not allowed to disagree. You must love it becaus eit is great, objectively and constructively. L O V E IT
    M-mom? M-m-mommy, p-please d-d-d-don't kill me. I-I rea-lly am not j-just a lump of cells. Pleasssse Mommy.

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    You did a remarkable job in putting all of ideas and artwork together. Very well done. I like this idea way better than a Bard or Tinker (barf).

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    Add a mechanical dragon suit/form and give bombs, turrets, lasers and pet bomblings!

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