This is going to be a long read but I'm starting to see this over the internet and it's really starting to annoy me so I thought I'd share exactly why insanity or "madness" doesn't require a specific build up or character development that people say is missing. Now you can say that the season has been rushed a bit and yes I would even agree but to say Daenerys's writing has been folly because she killed innocents is silly and completely misses the point of what D&D were trying to portray with madness.

Let's make a comparison from the brilliant movie The Dark Knight. Harvey Dent is gothams white knight, he's the person everyone sees when they think of a good person or someone who would do anything to bring "Good" to the city. He's the one with all the answers to put criminals behind bars at any cost, but here's the thing. The Joker was able to turn him into a madman who cared about no one or anything except getting revenge. He killed innocents (The driver, would have killed Gordon and his entire family if not for batman) and dirty cops all because he lost his loved one, and had his face half burnt to hell.

Harvey had no build up, no sort of prior anger problems leading to this, no prior killing of innocents, no prior murders or crime of any kind and yet he was turned insane equaling the life of an individual all on the flip of a coin. No one said anything negative about this, no one complained about the lack of character development or motive, no one cared simply because he was a character that people weren't attached to or someone that people wanted to see succeed.

Now let's look at Daenerys. Insane levels of pride and self motive, lost mother and her father who was an mad man who burnt people alive, lost two of her dragons, lost most of her army from the battle against the night king, etc..etc. I could go on and on about what she's endured to get to where she is but that still doesn't answer the question. Why would she kill innocents if she's never done it before? Why did Harvey Dent kill innocents when he never did before? Madness. Madness requires no motive, no reasoning, no build up, nothing. Madness can accure through the flip of a switch which is exactly what happened with Harvey Dent and exactly what happened to Daenerys. When she saw her bestfriend get killed right in front of her EVEN after offering a no war solution, she went mad.

Madness or insanity is real and it has occurred to plenty of people who have not had any sort of criminal history but yet they go on a killing spree or rampage because they no longer know what is right from wrong all they know is that they're angry and will slaughter anything or anyone without reasoning. Yes it was rushed, but to say she didn't have any prior motive to kill innocents is silly and just shows that people don't truly know what madness really is and that yes it does exist. Let's not even mention the fact that her father went insane aswell so yes it does run in the family like Varys said. People get too invested into characters they like or want to see succeed that they remove all explanation or logic and just throw a tantrum because their "star" did something they didn't like or something they didn't approve of. All signs pointed at daenerys not being the "shining white hero" they thought but people ignored it blatantly because they wanted to see "their" character do what they wanted.

You don't need prior buildup nor character development for a person to turn mad because like the Joker said "Madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push".