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    We will see.
    Did you research the part where Titan Residuum didn't even exist until 1 month before season 2 unlocked?

    And you think they're gonna have the same conversion rates for months of stock piling before s3 unlocks?

    You couldn't buy a 415 piece on day 1 of season 2 without extreme funneling because you only had a month to stock pile. If the average player stock piled they at most had a 1 week advantage on people who didn't and would get their first 414 at the start of week 3 instead of week 4.

    If you don't expect the same to be the case when season 3 unlocks you don't understand what blizzard does on literally every content update.

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    I don't know how you could be so positive even without any data, but ofc I do accept your point of view.
    Can't we just wait then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Themerlin View Post
    Yeah but most of us that have been consistent, have between 9000 - 12000 residuum saved up. Since most of the BiS gear actually comes from raid drops, maybe just one azerite piece is needed to complete the needed talents. Depending on rng we already got it, or some of us that are unlucky with their drops can buy it with all that residuum they acquired.

    I have to agree though, I wasn't willing to spend that much either.

    I preferred getting randoms. I was lucky and got my BiS on 2 characters right off the bat.
    Umm you are making a couple assumptions;

    First you assume everyone is clearing mythic raid to their BiS Azerite armor... 97%+ of people are not

    Secondly you assume most actually have BiS Azerite armor in a raid

    All three of mine came from Titan Residium purchase, 2 that were 1725 first of which was BiS, the other was #4. The last slot only had one piece with desired trait so I spent 7150 to get that.

    I do agree with you about consistent folks running a +10 or higher every week are sitting on TR right now. I am around 3k having spent 10.6k

    Edit - I'm not a mythic raider

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    X10 on cost and revenue, just like last time.
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    nazi is not the abbreviation of national socialism....
    When googling 4 letters is asking too much fact-checking.

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