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    Names in WoW Classic

    So can you use apostrophe (') in your characters names like we could before?

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    To be honest I hope not

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    You could do that before? When did they change it and why?

    I'm assuming they removed it for a reason and that they wouldn't implement it back in classic, even if you could do it back in vanilla.

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    Doubt it since it would open up for serious issues of naming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikhas View Post
    So can you use apostrophe (') in your characters names like we could before?
    No, we shouldn't really have special case or some fancy letters along with symbols that make it harder to report or invite them into guild. Simple letters suffice enough..

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    To my knowledge you could never do this. And it's complicated enough with allowing us to use different letters.

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    Sounds like someone is confusing his retail classic memories with private server memories.

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    If you could do that in Vanilla, you probably won't in Classic. It's running off battlenet's framework now, so it likely has the same naming rules as live.
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    That seems like a bad idea and could probably be used to get around name filters somehow

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    i've been playing since day 1, there was no apostrophe allowed. wth.

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    Depends on what exactly you mean. Apostrophe in between letters, as in C’Thun, or as a glyph/accent over a letter, as in Àèsínà for instance. Don’t remember the former to have ever been possible

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