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    Nostalgia typically tends to be rather short-lived. I think a lot of people will try Classic and play it for a little while, but I suspect there will be a steep drop off in players after a few months. No chance it outperforms retail imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ielenia View Post
    Can we... you know... stop using the words "retail" and "retailers"? WoW is not a business store, and we, the players, aren't salesclerks.

    Just use the word "modern" to describe WoW. Because that's what it is. We have modern and classic WoW.
    It even says 'retail' in the game files now to differentiate.

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    It will peak over retail at release because you don't need to pay anything for it if you play retail. 3 months and retail will take over again.

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    The answer number 666. But yes it will take over retail pretty easy. Much to Blizz's shame.

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    If retail keeps making BFA-level expansions, then we'll still see expansion launch spikes and then major drop off from the community. If it's another well recieved expac, it might get better again, but MMOs that have peaked once have a hard time attracting new players and keeping older ones. It's just how a product's lifecycle goes, even if it has a lot of patches.

    Classic will only really have one major spike, and that's the launch. After that it'll stay fairly consistent throughout since people know what they're getting into. How big said spike and consistent player numbers will be, who knows, but I know one thing:

    It's a cheap way to make a ton of cash for Blizz. And it WILL make a ton of money, that's for sure.

    Idk about it overtaking retail, but it'll do very well I reckon.

    I sure hope we get something interesting this Blizzcon. While I'm hyped as fuck for Classic and WC3 reforged, it's quite weird to be the most hyped for replaying classic and WC3 instead of anticipating new games

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    Quote Originally Posted by clausuk57 View Post
    I think a lot of players will realize they are wrong, whenever they start to play classic.

    Have you guys seen venruki newest video, he was one of the biggest naysayer and retail baby, but look at him now.
    I feel within three months of Classic being released you'll see server consolidations as people will continue to visit but don't stay.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elim Garak View Post
    No fucking way. The worst idea since democracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalium View Post
    I feel within three months of Classic being released you'll see server consolidations as people will continue to visit but don't stay.
    i do agree with this, but on a small will be very interesting to see what addon developers come up with to "fix" what isnt around in classic (QoL-wise) as there are alot more of them and they are much better at making addons now. This will be a factor in server population issues i think. I also think that videos such as Venruki's and others that has spun toward the positive on Classic will enhance the initial fervor for the game and bring some folks in who were on the fence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Villager720 View Post
    It even says 'retail' in the game files now to differentiate.
    That folder existed long before Classic was even announced. It doesn't exist for differentiation. And again: WoW is not a business store.
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    Doubtful, people tend to go where the fence is lowest, the path of least resistance.
    In this case the difficulty and convenience perks. I have a hard time believing people will give up their mount collections and transmogs etc. that they've spend years collecting.
    Why on retail mythic raiders are a minority and the majority hurdurs lfr if even that, majority probably don't raid at all, cause it's the easiest path.
    In order to retake, you need the majority on your side and they are too busy watching netflix and chilling at the same time whilst on their wow journey. Which you can't do in classic cause you'll likely end up in a graveyard run of 15 minutes or more.
    Plus new content, retail gets new stories, even if they are bad they are still new and unseen and unheard ones. Classic is the same story we've already heard.
    And it's WoW storytelling, bfa might not be the greatest story of all time, not even mediocre, but neither is classic. It's no Lord of the Rings, that has replay value. It's more of a Game of Thrones that you watch through once and then not again, cause you know all the twists that happen and it won't shock you on the 2nd watching.
    Yes there are players who still play retro games over and over again, but i'd argue they are a minority. The major audience jumps in to a new just released games and play them until they've seen all it has to offer and then flock in to the next new title for new experience. Hence why WoW always peaks at each new expansion launch and towards then ends is pronounced dead each time.
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    No. It might peak at insane numbers at launch, but it will not sustain it long-term.

    This isn't an attack on classic, it's simply not a game that will appeal to most gamers nowadays. Or, even if it does, they will eventually run out of content and only the most dedicated players will continue to play.

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    I maintain that it will not.


    Imagine if they released a D2 skin and systems package for Diablo 3 making it more like Diablo 2, I think it would overtake D3.

    So I can't say it's impossible Classic wow will beat Retail.

    How pathetic and morale draining would it be for Blizz to finally understand that 10 years of buffing/nerfing Death Strike, spec-balancing, and abilitity-pruning was all for nothing.

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    Not a snowball's chance in hell. It may come relatively close the first month or two, maybe. But after that? Hell no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xemioza View Post
    LSD or MDMA?

    “Classic had better lvling experience” ( It was so good that I lvled my first alt in Wotlk)
    “Classes were balanced” ( 1 button spam rotation and going OOM in a middle of the fight )
    “Dungeons were harder” ( Bosses without any mechanics )

    What u guys taking ?
    high dose of memberberries

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    Just so people know Classic runs on the version 7.0 API so new methods to make add-ons will be available other than a few they are manually disabling so expect a fully fledged modern style quest add-on as well as mini map icons like retail.

    The tools at the disposal of add-on creators are much better and they have 14 years of experience with them now.
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    - let's get real everyone, classic needs #somechanges get over it.

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    It won't but population, after launch and initial peak and later withdraw, will be more stable because whoever will stay, will be long term invested. BfA currently supports short term gain and for population who does not raid/M+ there is no many reasons to stay after 3-4 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kreo View Post
    It won't but population, after launch and initial peak and later withdraw, will be more stable because whoever will stay, will be long term invested. BfA currently supports short term gain and for population who does not raid/M+ there is no many reasons to stay after 3-4 months.
    This is interesting, but I don't know if I agree. Mid-term, sure. I'd say the population 3 months from launch will pretty much be the same as 6 months from launch. But even if you're totally obsessed with Classic, how long can you play the same content? Trying to make these into progression servers would get massive pushback, but how long can you enjoy 2006's content with nothing new? I'm glad they're doing Classic and hope it has a long life, but I'm a little curious what the exit strategy is here.

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    I want to play classic
    played the stress test
    was more fun than I anticipated
    Won't turn my back on retail
    1500 days of play time, 43 120s, all the unobtainable shit, and my characters have history. You may just see your character as your warlock but my Druid is Drusin and me and him have a history that spans over a decade together. It would be like abandoning someone you grew up with to hangout with someone you just met.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burzian View Post
    play the same content?
    In retail I have objectives. Login, do emissary on 43 characters, logout.

    On classic, I'll probably spend most of my time farting around and helping people out that need it. The content is the other players.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justandulas View Post
    All that is subjective. Personally, I think it’s better in every way
    Not him, but class design and balance are not subjective at all. They are objective things that objectively suck ass in classic.

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    Personally, 95% of my WoW time will be spent on Classic once it launches. If it was a choice between the two, Classic would win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zantera View Post
    I'm curious to see how a big part of the population that's currently buying Freehold boosts to get 110-120 will cope with spending an hour on killing 100 lions to get the 10 claws needed for a quest when there's other people in the same area tagging mobs and respawn timers are atrocious. I think people who actually played vanilla will cope (because they know how it was) but a lot of people are in for a shock I think.

    This game will be huge on launch, but it might be all downhill from there. I've seen a lot of Youtubers talk about dabbling in it for views, but they'll likely drop off after the 4-6 month mark

    Still will be a dedicated community to keep it going though, and that's what matters.. Hopefully they don't make too many servers.

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