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    I shower 3 times a day most days. In the morning after my run and workout, when I get home from work since I'm usually dirty from it , then after my evening workout and run.

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    I shower in the morning because it wakes me up and my hair is a mess after sleeping.

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    Wakes me up, makes me smell nicer at work. Bed already is going to get mucked up over night, and such, and can always wash the sheets.

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    Since I don't do anything physically exhaustive during the day I shower in the morning before I go to work. Back when I worked out regularly I'd shower immediately after getting home, but I was working out immediately after work, so still quite a bit before going to bed.
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    Neither, I shower every 2nd day after I come home unless I've been sweating.

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    Both, but in the morning I do so w/o using soap or anything like that. I wash my hair properly every other day.

    It's fairly hot where I live, 32C/90F in my flat, so I obv end up sweating a bit at night :V
    Wtf? Do you not have ac?

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    A shower in the morning is like my coffee, that and 400 mg of caffeine. I do sometimes shower at night as well, if I worked out hard or played a bunch out side and am all sweaty.
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    Wtf? Do you not have ac?
    I do, but I don't use it. 32C isn't that hot, at home I wear a long tshirt and don't really sweat, but at night my body's temp raises so I start sweating, I normally wake up w/ something like 38C, my normal body temp is slightly above 37C :V

    As long as the temp at home is below 35C, but above 25C I feel compfy. Below 25C is just too cold for me, I even start sneezing :V

    My gf does complain about it a lot, so she switches it on when she stays at my place, esp when I'm at work
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    Morning. Who cares if the bed is gross, it'll get gross anyway, I go to work clean.
    Also if I shower in the evening, my hair will still be wet when I go to sleep unless I use a hair dryer.. Which I refuse to do, because my hair is glorious

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    I usually like taking long showers in the evening , if it happens that I am too busy or tired I will take a quick shower the following morning

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    In the morning obviously, you will usually sweat a bit in bed anyway as well, that is why you change your sheets. By showering in the morning I will at least fullfil the basic standards for pleasant social interaction at work. That being said I obviously wash myself as well when I'm really sweaty after work or dome some kind of activity that warrants it, that is for my personal welness alone.

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    i usually shower after i come home from work.
    it is physically relaxing, and i feel nice because i feel clean.

    if i shower before work during the winter i get cold more easily.

    unless it is summer. in which case i just shower.. whenever i feel like it during the day.

    i'm also lucky enough to have a bidet. its so practical. especially for females.
    from the toilet straight to the bidet.. feels so nice to feel super clean, and also ready for action in the case of women.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinousek View Post
    You could use a shower cap. That's what they are for.
    Fuck that I wash my hair almost everyday.

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    I work as a heavy machinery mechanic, I tend to get pretty dirty during the day as a result I shower after getting home, so an evening/night for me.

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    evening after i am home from work and i know i wont be getting dirty or sweating again.

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    In the morning, but only every second day. My head has a tendency to itch terribly when I go to sleep slightly damp headed(due to psoriasis) and I always end up with a horrible hairdo that is impossible to style the morning after so I prefer to do it all before I head to work.

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    In the morning, entering the work day fresh.
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    Morning for me. Only time i do it in the evening is during summer when i do both when it was a hot day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormspark View Post
    Before going to bed. Keeps the bed much cleaner. I don't understand why anyone does it the other way, I can't sleep if I haven't showered first.
    This is exactly how I feel. When I explain this to others when the conversation comes up they are mad that they did not think of doing the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormspark View Post
    Before going to bed. Keeps the bed much cleaner. I don't understand why anyone does it the other way, I can't sleep if I haven't showered first.
    This. Always shower before bed, never first thing in the morning. That means you sleep in your filth. Gross.
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    On the weekends before I go to bed on the weekdays when I get up

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