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    or they should not give him to her, at all, like never
    Sylvanas as a Warchief was inevitable, they could have done her a bit better tho.
    But then again, this is Warcraft, a bad storywritting is one of the reasons why we play it.

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    Said it before (on another account) but it will be us who are gonna be the Warchief of the Horde in the next xpac.

    It would be obscene for them to choose anyone else plus it will be the gimmick to sell the next xpac and cant you imagine it the wartable in the throne room.

    Also the title of High King doesnt have to be a human king that title is pretty much like the title of Supreme Commander during WW2 plus who knows maybe Anduin dies in BfA and 'Wut a Twist' that would be!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarrgoth View Post
    Lor'thewho? Lor'thedonenothingever?
    <Flipper of Tables>

    (I agree with the sentiment that Warchief Musical Chairs is getting silly and all signs point to absolutely no chance of Sylvanas holding her title to the end of this expansion.)

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    warchiefs are like targaryens, flip a coin.
    thinly veiled high elf thread

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