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    Quote Originally Posted by Awsyme View Post
    Sure. And a lot of the old trees were garbage (My Holy priest cursed the length of time its capstone was utter garbage). Should they have been better? Sure! Was it a perfect system? God no.

    BUT there's a sense of accomplishment and something to do each time you gain a level. Even if it's just working your way down a tree. Compare that to BFA which offers.... nothing. Absolutely nothing. And I understand why. Because at some point you're going to have to stop inventing new abilities for your players. Ones that probably only add complexity to rotations.
    Literally only reason why you don't feel "rewarded" for getting to next talent tier in BfA is because leveling experience is a joke (naturally, because the game had 7 expansions, level cap got inflated, "old" content simply doesn't matter anymore, you plow through it without putting any effort. So when you finally get your Rune of Power unlocked - you don't even know if you want to use it, since everything dies in just 3-4 GCDs anyways.

    BfA talents aren't exciting the same way as spending silver to learn Purify on your paladin isn't exciting - there is just nothing to do with it. Vanilla talents aren't much better, improved corruption? Great! Improved searing pain? What?
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    Russians are a nation inhabiting territory of Russia an ex-USSR countries. Russians enjoy drinking vodka and listening to the bears playing button-accordions. Russians are open- and warm- hearted. They are ready to share their last prianik (russian sweet cookie) with guests, in case lasts encounter that somewhere. Though, it's almost unreal, 'cos russians usually hide their stuff well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soluna View Post
    Actually this is my bad, I looked at your signature, and I thought you were another one of these ultra BfA haters, who boast how Classic will be popular long term compared to BfA, but looking at it better now, it seems like you aren't a blind hater. I sadly assumed that you were saying that BfA is much worse in terms of farming systems (azerite power over artifact power), than Legion, considering that they both had pretty much the same grinding requirements. BfA azerite was a bit less fun, true, but this is all getting fixed in 8.2. I apologise for reading your comment wrongly and calling you a hypocrite.
    look at signature closely again :P I changed it to be more realistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deviant010 View Post
    The new title is wrong though.
    nice try, but worst try
    You're getting exactly what you deserve.

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