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  • Facebook

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  • Twitter

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  • Linked In

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  • Google+

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  • Other (in comments)

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    Favorite social media?

    MySpace started it all but feels like a band promotion site more than anything else these days. Facebook is good for keeping in touch with people you know, while Twitter is good for business networking and such. Tumblr is good for roleplaying and other “fun” stuff. I don’t know if people still use Google +, but it was never as popular.

    I like social media, because it brings about social change. Which is your favorite social media platform?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AryuFate View Post
    I like social media, because it brings about social change.
    Like helping all those starving children, huh?
    No ideology has been more murderous or detrimental to human dignity than Communism
    Quote Originally Posted by kidkilla View Post
    The Ottomans brought civilization to Greece.
    Oh my...

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    None. Just feels like the type of thing where you scream and scream and scream then you see other people screaming what you scream and then you get together and agree its the truth because you two scream the same thing.

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    Thankfully I'm ugly so I don't have to worry about social media.

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    Twitter mostly for updates on news. MySpace???
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