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    What content wasn't cleared because of these lack of tools and "fail in design"?
    Classic WoW celebrated class differences.

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    You don't even address the biggest problem atm, wich is raiding.

    The raiding scene is dying. No one bother to raid after they clear the raid once. It's not rewarding for the amount of effort that has to be put to run it.
    It's what is actually the cancer that is killing the game, as raid groups crumble, guild crumble and without their buddies more people leave the game.
    Raiding is in crisis atm and it's more important than all those points you raised. Though it is related to the itemization point.

    Classes are number tow, cause despite the fame, they are not awesome but they are not bad either. Go play vanilla to get that perspective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clozer View Post
    Classic wow had no difficult content, current wow has. Imagine you have to push keys with classic wow ret paladins. There is no way this ever gonna happen again.
    most people think classic wow was hard because there were no addons. People actually had to know their class and watch their cooldowns on their own. Now there's just addons that tell you everything.

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