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    New interesting video which fits the 4chan leaks


    Thoughts? Posting only the end of the youtube link because it won't let me share links yet for some reason.

    IMHO this also explains why Sylvanas would send assassins after Thrall as seen in the cinematic. Knowing they don't stand a chance and simply wanting to get him involved in the entire thing.
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    Sylvanas not actually going after Baine is something that could be concluded before any of these leaks popped up.

    He is a distraction, her main goal is Stormwind, she knows Anduin will try and help Baine. Any of this can be retconned of course but we learn that her goal is Stormwind from the very start in Before the Storm. Thrall saying "Thunder Bluff will burn" does not mean it will actually happen.

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