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    Quote Originally Posted by SushiSlicer View Post
    • What immediately comes to mind when I mention the Horde?
    • What about the Alliance?
    Horde: Evil
    Alliance: Good
    Thanos should have won..


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    Like most people , Horde = evil , Alliance = good. If you go further into that , it's 2 world powers fighting for dominance. And looking at history when 2 or more "factions" fight for control , it depends on where you are in that conflict. So most Horde players will say the Alliance are the bad guys , and most Alliance players will say Horde are the bad guys.

    Granted , the Horde has done some evil things , but the Alliance isn't clean aswell. It's what happens in a war.

    I have played as both on both sides in different expansions. Since around Legion i played only Horde , but in classic i will roll Alliance.

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    Alliance are stupid good that occasionally does stupid evil stuff. Very self righteous and static.

    Horde are stupid evil that flips to stupid self flagellating good every now and then depending on the Warchief. Chaotic as fuck, nobody knows what they’re doing half the time.

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    Depends on the "date time"
    Horde Vanilla: We must respect the Alliance, but not let them be agressors to us but maintain neutrality. (Thralls vision)
    Forsaken vanilla: We need allies to survive this hostile world, the alliance wants to destroy us, the paladins wants to purge us, we dont belong to this world, south of Lordaeron there is a new infection, wolf like creatures are going rampage trought the woods, we need allies.
    Alliance Vanilla: Night Elves vanilla: we were allies with the Horde against the Legion, but now we return to normality but they are entering in our territories and destroying our woods, repel them. (Warson Gulch)
    Stormwind Alliance: We need to recover the Eastern Kingdoms (old Azeroth), destroying every Demon, monsters, creatures and undeads that take over our lands, this includes Forsakens.
    Theramore: Neutral alliance supportive city, Jaina doesnt open war to the Horde but cant refuse Stormwind Alliance safe passage.
    Horde and Alliance: Morally Gray.

    TBC: Horde and Alliance join forces in a "not open war while we defend Outland from the Legion" Horde and Alliance Morally Gray.

    Wrath: Horde and Alliance join forces vs the Scourge, both factions Lawfull Good.

    Cataclysm: Alliance witnesses how the Horde its pushing trought Alliance Territories, doesnt matter the intentions. Taking action against every strike their are doing.
    Horde Orgrimmar: People are going into starving Warchief proclaims a full expeditions to all territories for resources.
    Horde Undercity: Sylvannas campaign to take over Northern Eastern Kingdoms and push out the Worguen and the Traitorious Alliance.

    Horde and Alliance: Morally gray, until prepatch of pandaria, were Garrosh nukes theramore. Horde --> evil

    Pandaria: Horde: we found a new landmass we need to take over it before the alliance does.
    Alliance: we found a new landmass we need to fight for it and repel the Horde.

    Alliance: neutral good
    Horde: neutral evil, until Garrosh goes Old god mode and the Horde splits into. Good Horde (voljins revolution) Evil Horde (Orcish Garrosh Horde)

    WoD: alliance and Horde fight the Iron Horde and the Legion to prevent invasions: both factions Morally gray, Horde: Neutral Good (voljins horde) Alliance Lawfull Good (Protectors of Pandaria and the realms of Azeroth)

    Legion: Alliance and Horde fight together vs the invasions // Voljins Horde "betrays the Alliance", and go from Neutral Good to Neutral Evil again, new Warchief Sylvannas has a hidden agenda. Heroes of the Horde help the alliance to defeat the Legion Invasion.
    Alliance are the sperhead of Azeroth with the Vindicar Lawfull Good.

    BFA: Horde becomes full Chaotic Evil until new revolution (maybe), Sylvannas own agenda sending Horde forces to invade every objective on Azeroth for Azerite.
    Alliance its the spearhead to defeat this rampaging undead and orc monsters that are poluting our world. Alliance Lawfull Good.
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    Horde is chaotic good/neutral while Alliance is lawful evil.

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    Something something something... morally grey... something something something... Sylvanas.

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    Horde is a """wildcard"""

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    Horde: simply refuse to learn from their past.

    Alliance: simply refuse to learn from their past.
    Is there anything from vanilla WoW you are not looking forward to despite your hype for Classic? Come and tell us what it is.

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    They are Fifty Shades of Greymane.

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    Alliance - Mostly lawful good, self-righteous and quick to judge the Horde as doing something wrong and retaliate.
    Horde - Warmongery, chaotic, and usually prove the Alliance right about doing something wrong, but justify it as "we need to bolster ourselves/strike now before the Alliance's inevitable retaliation."

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    Thread title is missing a choice: Neither good nor evil

    I played alliance on lightnings blade and horde on zuluhed early on in the game, so It's kind of 2 sides of the same coin for me. Heroes and villains on both sides of a conflict sort of deal. In game of Thrones terms, I was pulling for both Stannis and Tyrion at the battle of Blackwater just as I was rooting for Jaime/Bronn vs. Dany/Drogon during the caravan attack sequence in season 7.

    "The only constant in the universe is inconsistency"

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    I was watching some old Saturday morning cartoons the other like Thundercats and Gi Joe.
    And notice that's its just like Word of Warcraft, none of them make sense, don't ask questions, just enjoy the show ( especially the Grom Hellscream turn over during WoD)

    Most of the two faction are good ( Baine, Jaina, Boy King, Varian, Vol Jin , Blood elf guy) exept the Horde ruled by Garrosh and then Sylvannas. And the Alliance have that crazy bitch with the Night Elf and the Worgen dude.

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    Alliance = Canda
    Horde = Russia

    Jokes aside, the horde has some underdog and noble savage elements, but the horde as a whole always falls back to starting useless conflicts. The alliance at best has some singular people you can pin some shit on, but as a whole they don't just genocide people every chance they get. That alone allows them to stand on the higher moral ground, since the alliance time and time again has forgiven the "horde" (at least it's races). This started after the second war when they had the orcs in internment camps instead of just butchering every last of the murderous bastards, continued after SoO when the horde once again tried to kill everyone that isn't orc and will continue this time as well, because the leadership of the alliance has already declared that Sylvannas is the primary reason for everything.

    At the center of all these conflicts are always the orcs, as they make the main force of the horde. Even this time around the standing army needed to be appeased with blood, at least this was the first reason given in the beginning (now blizzard has retconned it to 4D chess on sylvanas' part). The rest of the horde races always go along with it because of reasons. The alliance always takes it because of reasons. The last time the alliance was anywhere near morally grey instead of flat out good was before wow and probably before WC3 and the horde has been on a steady decline in writing since MoP. The brief respite that was Voljin's rule is also marred by the fact that the Horde did literally nothing else under his rule, because the hackwriters at Blizzard introduced another horde (iron horde) to be the villain.

    That is what wow story telling boils down to: There always needs to be an evil horde. Be it the green orc one, in WC1 and WC2, the demonic one in WC3, the undead one in WC3:TF, the player one in WoW (most nuanced though probably), the semi demonic one in TBC, the undead one again in WotLK, the player one in Cata, the nazi one in MoP, the iron one in WoD, the demonic one again in Legion and now the player one again in BfA. The next one will be the undead one again probably. In the confines of the faction conflict the horde is pretty much always the bad guys. Since MoP that even bleeds into the overal story conflict. And I'm tired of it as someone that plays Horde since 2004, at least pick an alignment and not flip flop every other expansion.

    I guess none of that is a surprise when the wow team tweet how they like GoTS8.. lol. Shows a certain mindset - a certain nonexistent standard.

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    Both are sold as being good and, for the most part, still are.

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