Who are we?
We are a small social guild of adults who enjoy hanging out, doing group content, raiding and (in general) having fun. We have a close core group of friends that enjoy helping each other, and guildies, improve and gear out. We all have lives and jobs etc and we understand that life happens. Our home is located on Stormreaver-US, Horde side.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for members looking to raid and enjoy group content. We will be working through the current raid content on a weekly basis. First in Normal, then in Heroioc and if time remains in the tier.. in Mythic. Once a member, you will be expected to know your class and do what is necessary to prepare for raids on a weekly basis if you want to be in the raid group. This includes item level requirements, enchants, gems etc.

As a social guild, we are also looking for laid back members to hang out and have fun with doing Mythic+, PVP or other older content. All are welcome on a drama free basis.

Raid Times:
Saturday nights starting at 8:30 server time.

Current Raid Progression:
2/9 H Battle of Dazar’Alor

9/9 N Battle of Dazar’Alor

Contact one of our officers via battle tag at