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    Question 1-60 Days Played?

    I recall it took me /played 7 days (around 160 hours) to hit 60, you?

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    At least 2 months of playing to get my first 60, felt like a whole summer. Was my first mmo though so I was pretty clueless.

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    It took me about a year or 2 to get my first 60. No idea how many hours played, i think it was roughly 70 days played?

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    I don't remember. All I remember is I had a shaman and a rogue at 60 half way through January. Got Shaman to 60, realized they only heal in raids and made my rogue I was working on my main.

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    I recently did this on a very Blizzlike private server and it was about 13 days played. I never got to experience Vanilla, so I took my time and enjoyed the journey.

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    3 months and i was nr 8 on my realm and first paladin

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    When i was a complete noob to this game (and pc gaming in general really) it took me around 3 months irl time, but i also did professions and pvp along the way.

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    i dont remember exact /played time, but it took me ~3 weeks of playing a lot. It was the end of vanilla, like 3 months till BC release

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cempa View Post
    I recall it took me /played 7 days (around 160 hours) to hit 60, you?
    An image from r/classicwow showing the avg amount of time needed for each level.

    What this means is that on your way to 60 you're:
    25% of the way at 40% into lvl 32
    50% of the way at 34% into lvl 44
    75% of the way at 93% into lvl 52

    Since play time has many variables I had to make a few assumptions when creating this diagram. Those assumptions consist of only counting xp gained from killing mobs (of your own lvl) and taking the same time to kill each of those mobs at any lvl.

    I gathered my data from this post:
    Push it to the limit

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    Thus far classic is pretty consistently putting me on the pace where I was by late vanilla...

    ~5.5-6.5 days /played depending on amount of rested and/or the class I'm playing.

    That's a mix of questing, solo grinding, and maybe 1-2 dungeon runs for each of RFC/WC/Mara

    If anything I may end up a bit slower overall this time, as I will be aiming to level 55-60 entirely in dungeons hunting for pre-raid gear/attunements, in an attempt to save me time post 60.

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    My first toon (warlock) took 24 days play time. I was stopping all the time. Fishing. Picking herbs. Leveling Alch and vendering potions. Reading text in slow scroll(LOL). No addons. Didn't know about the AH so always out of bag space and I didn't want to destroy any of the items because I could vender! So i was constantly going back and forth in the middle of quests like a potatoe. Also picked the worst spec i could have because I thought it looked cool!

    Second character took ~8 days play time. I learned a bit!

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    I did created a poll on this forum a weeks ago about time /played to lvl 1-60.

    This is how it was:
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    Back then it took me 24 days to get my 1st 60, 12 days for my 2nd and 7 days for my third (Druid confusion>Rogue mixed pvp in>Mage frost aoe farmed).
    With so many more 60+ done before and after changes, being on and off the game for a few years with 1000 days played (750 on druid) it should not take long.

    I do however want to really get down to basics and feel that 1st leveling experience again. The unknown, the "newness" (hoping to get hit by a brick and forget the last 15yrs lol) and pain of the grind that captivated me so long ago that no other game seems to be able to do. So no matter how long it is, I want to forget how to play, how to raid, lose my reliance on any add-ons, be frustrated, but most of all... be amazed again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mullet Man View Post
    An image from r/classicwow showing the avg amount of time needed for each level.
    This is great, also shows how they suck you in by making the first levels so fast. Amazing that 1-10 takes significantly less time than 59-60.
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    15 days /played my first time. Not sure how many hours of that were afk but i was in no rush. Did professions, dungeons with friends, world pvp.

    I'd probably aim for half that for solid leveling but will still spend time stuffing around and helping friends.

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    Think the average time for first time leveling without having previous gold or items to help progression is around 11-12 days played, more or less depeding on your class and if you know the quests beforehand. | Recruiting exceptional players!

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    I played a lot when I first started (07/2006), and I hit 60 around Thanksgiving, iirc, so I am guessing I was around 18-20 days played, around 450-480 hours.

    For Classic, I expect to play, maybe, 20 hours a week, so it'll take me about 6 months at that same rate to hit max, but then I'm in no rush.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agrossive View Post
    At least 2 months of playing to get my first 60, felt like a whole summer. Was my first mmo though so I was pretty clueless.
    Same, 2-3 months I think but I also wasn't playing a ton of hours a day. I don't have screenshots of vanilla stuff anymore but it was a pretty extensive time sink and I wasn't all that efficient, I do remember that.
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    19 days /played on a holy/disc priest. I had no clue that you could respec talents, and some guy told me that all the guilds wanted priest healers, so off I went...

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    It took me 3 whole months to get to level 60 when i started playing at 14th of Feb 2007.TBC was just out but the leveling was exactly the same with no changes.
    Tho it was my first MMO and i was leveling proffesions afking in towns chatting with ppl making new friends and all that.

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