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    Horde [US] [PvP] [Horde] <The Garden> Horde | NA-PvP | Progression

    <The Garden>

    About the Guild

    <The Garden> is led by experienced players who have played since Vanilla into BFA at top competitive levels of raiding in each tier.

    About the GM

    Years of experience in Retail raid leading and tanking since TBC - Top 10 World / US 1st placements in MoP raiding tiers (with guild Nightmare Asylum)
    Dependable, helpful and friendly GM that will build an enjoyable community for you to experience vanilla and all of its content.

    Guild Policies

    Guild policies are available ask for link from me on discord (Eden#3733)
    Guild raid roaster are also available ask for link from me on discord (Eden#3733)

    Raid Times

    Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday: 6:00 - 10:00 PM (PST).

    Class Needs

    All other class welcome to apply!


    Apply to the guild by asking me in discord - Eden#3733


    Discord: Eden#3733

    Either way, see you all out there!
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