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    [H] <Same Old Bull> - Twisting Nether - Looking for Mythic Raiders 2 Nights a Week

    Same Old Bull [SOB] is a guild of happy players from all over Europe who have returned to grazing the fields of Mulgore after a few years away. Our guild consists of a mixture of old bulls who have been with us since 2005 and some newer players who have joined us since we reformed in January with age ranges between 20 and 60 (seriously we got a guy who is basically a Tortollan) .

    We are currently looking to increase our herd with more dedicated Raiders to begin our milking of the Mythic BFA content and dedicated to pushing forward in future content.

    Same Old Bull strives to be the kind of place where people don't just login and raid and log out again. We have teams running mythic dungeons most nights as well as alt raids or some people just kicking back and pushing old world achievements. While we believe our social scene is great with the usual selection of Discord reprobates and in game antics, as well as in guild activities and our converted raider of the month offering fabulous prizes (there is no cash alternative) We are really seeking people who understand that raiding twice per week means just that - raiding twice per week. Our raiding days are Wednesday and Sunday with groups forming at 20:45 GT for a 21:00 start and shutting down at 00:00 all raid team members are expected to turn up on time with relevant consumables.
    We believe that every member should turn up and contribute to the best of their ability and that each member becomes an important gear in the raiding machine.

    As a member of Same Old Bull we offer you the five F’s:

    • Friendship
    • Fairness
    • Fun
    • Fidelity
    • Free hats (subject to availability)

    As a member of Same Old Bull we require you to be cows:

    • Competence
    • Organisation
    • Winning attitude
    • Social skills

    If you are looking for a fun and social place with an active and serious raiding environment we might just be the place for you. We are currently seeking Geared DPS (ilvl 400+) capable of moving forward in mythic raiding in BFD if you think you are what we are looking for please apply though w w w .sameoldbull.com

    For more information Please Contact



    While we are interested in any players who shares our values and is committed to playing to the best of their ability we are very interested in any of the following classes;

    DPS x 8
    Balance Druid
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