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    Grong Bugged?

    Is Grong bugged for anyone after todays reset? We had only HALF of our orbs actually work when used. Our demonhunter would channel and ball would disappear and grong kept doing his thing. I do know they made an adjustment to the adds HP on Mythic which may have made the code go a tad buggy?

    This is our replay of 2/4 actually working.

    At 55 seconds in Azazil has ball, uses it. Uses almost instantly and disappears. He did not receive a BoP, Spellward, Life grip, no nothing. At 1:53 the orb is used fine. At 2:54 another orb evaporates into thin air as well. That one though had a cast time but never finished and then disappeared. Also it did it AGAIN at 3:59

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    It has cast time - just runs out midcast = nothing happens.
    No bug at all - that's what happens from 0:35 to 0:55 atleast.

    2:54 everything is normal, used in time and boss loses 5% as intended.
    3:59 is the same as 0:55 literally just runs out between cast start and finish therefore nothing happens.
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    @Itsalright is spot on.

    Here is a link to your log where you can see exactly what was identified.

    With the necrotic orb lasting 20 seconds on heroic, you see the debuff come and go without being used at 0:55 and 4:00

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