This was a project I had played through around 5 times as he updated it way back in the day. The premise seeming impossible at the time: A behemoth of command blocks, free of mods or structure blocks, generating structures around you as you play using a leveling system. You'lll be cooking some chicken, hear a rumble, and boom, a new dungeon has emerged from the earth in the distance. He kept adding and adding, increasing the replayability with things like procedurally generated villages to protect from random alien invasions and other such madness. Now it has Lucky Blocks integrated?! And I'm pretty sure in the halloween event he added a shotgun.

It's chaos, it's destructive, it's easily the most replayable Minecraft experience ever made. It may be for an old version, but that is merely a launcher dropdown toggle away.

While projects since then such as Dynamo by Chocoparrot or TyrusWoo's Structure Generator "Game Changer" add in structures the traditional way of having maybe one in a region, nothing quite beats the anarchy of the original.

But amidst that anarchy, as long as it doesn't decide to rain fireballs on your new house, there is beauty.