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    Peaky Blinders
    Schitts Creek
    Stranger Things
    House of Cards (First 2 seasons)
    Altered Carbon
    The Crown

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    Stranger things

    Digital Copies, from streaming services such as microsoft store etc. they are downloaded? And can be watched like any file or does one have to use the streaming service n they can only be accessed that way? I'm normally either downloading a torrent or getting a physical copy, recently got the Alien 40th anniversary with extras such as director's commentary in the movie, it seems to me streaming services neglect special features?

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    Heard Netflix might do Berserk. Let's see if they can pull it off and get it on our lists of best shows.

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    I used to watch a lot tv shows but now i'm reduced to:

    • Lucifer
    • Charmed
    • Izombie
    • Magicians

    Even game of thrones ended. Most of my tv shows ended.
    And netflix original, maybe just Lucifer and Stranger Things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halicia View Post
    Yeah, I forgot about that one. I really liked the first few seasons, and then it kinda... trailed off. I'm not even sure if I finished the series.
    I never saw the LAST episode of the LAST available season in Netflix, despite watching the previous seasons religiously. Guess the same trope got me bored.

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