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    seeking advice on garrison shipyard fleet setup

    Afternoon ladies and gents.

    I'm hoping someone could give me a little advice on an optimum setup for ships and equipment in the garrison shipyard.

    i've got a ship yard up in my alliance garrison, i have a full fleet of 10 ships (2 carriers, 3 submarines, 3 battleships and 3 destroyers including the murlock destroyer) and i'm using the setup below (the * mark beside then shows ships with both items equipped) i got this setup from wowhead comments but i just cant see myself needing 3 subs when i could trade one in for the awakener

    Destroyer Blast Furnace + Gyroscopic Stabilizer*
    Destroyer Trained Shark Tank + Felsmoke Launcher*
    Destroyer Felsmoke Launcher + True Iron Rudder- Murloc* (using this one for heirloom ring missions)

     Submarine Trained Shark Tank + True Iron Rudder*
    Submarine Trained Shark Tank + Bilge Pump
    Submarine Blast Furnace + Felsmoke Launcher

    Battleship Felsmoke Launcher + Blast Furnace*
    Battleship High Intensity Fog Lights + Ice Cutter*

     Carrier Trained Shark Tan* + True Iron Rudder

    Carrier- ghostly spyglass (this is for heirloom ring missions) + weather item (changed as mission requires it) 

    i'm hoping somebody could advise me if i'm on the right track or if i should change something. 

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    Suggest a few things:

    1. Can you give me the plans for your Time Machine
    2. Check out https://www.wowhead.com/guides/garrisons/shipyard for some guides on this stuff, most people here will have long forgotten it.
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    wtf .... why are you even bothering

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    Did we travel several years back in time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by timbah View Post
    wtf .... why are you even bothering
    most likely he wants those heirloom rings

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    Check wowhead's guide if you want tobfarm the 3 rings
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    Quote Originally Posted by timbah View Post
    wtf .... why are you even bothering
    If BfA is so terrible and you haven't done the shipyard stuff, why not?
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    Step 1: Name them things like "Human Potential", or "Thralls Balls" or "Muh Honor" or "Sum Ting Wong"
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    Quote Originally Posted by timbah View Post
    wtf .... why are you even bothering
    You actually need to do the shipyard to get the heirloom rings. Unfortunately.

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    Kinda sad how out of 9 replies only 1 or 2 are actually helpful.

    I think the wowhead guide that's been linked is probably your best bet honestly. I've gone back to the shipyard a bit (for achievs) but hardly got an optimal setup, just been winging it really.

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