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    Question about quality of life improvements

    I was able to spend literally 5 minutes this morning in the stress test. One thing I did notice was that Auto Loot was a thing (not a thing in Vanilla). What other quality of life improvements have been made? Can anyone from the Beta speak into any of these?

    • Druid shifting: Can you shift from cat to bear? If you cast a healing spell while in a form, will you shift into the human form?
    • When you perform an action, are you dismounted (I realize that no one has a mount yet)?
    • Same question about Ghost Wolf

    Even from the 5 minutes I got to look around, I'm looking forward to it. It does feel different than any sort of private server. Smoother maybe?

    Looking forward to playing...I just need to find the right guild.

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    Auto-loot was introduced in 1.9 via Shift-click.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deng View Post
    Auto-loot was introduced in 1.9 via Shift-click.
    Right, but in Classic we have non-shift Auto Loot which is a small but meaningful improvement (sorry I wasn't more clear).

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    They have already made clear some modern improvements will come with the modern client, such as multiple items in mail, etc. which they are not willing to remove just for a sake of "more authentic classic experience".

    i'm pretty sure auto-loot belongs to this category. It's something that doesn't really affect the gameplay but would be too much of an effort to remove in client classic will use.

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