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    I'd imagine they're going to swap these in a few builds if the essence sticks around. Silly to give some classes crazy buffs and then Hunters 99% DR on Feign Death.

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    reverse harm for windwalker? why even bother. just don't make one for windwalker and save your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clozer View Post
    Moonkin Aura. What's that 80% dps increase in raids? Holy moly so broken - i love it.
    It is pvp honor talent. It can't be used in pve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashblond View Post
    It is pvp honor talent. It can't be used in pve.
    The whole point of this essence is that these abilities become usable in PvE, well that and allowing PvPers the option to have 4 (not including the trinket slot) talents.

    But it's probably going to be changed into something else anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashblond View Post
    It is pvp honor talent. It can't be used in pve.
    "The latest PTR update added a new essence, Conflict and Strife, to the repertoire of options currently in the patch. However, this one is a little more interesting as its major slot allows a specific predetermined talent from your spec's PvP talent pool to be used in PvE content at all times."

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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    12% Spell crit, so about 6% more Raid DPS isn't to shabby. Feral is much weaker with only 5% physical crit.

    Especially since keeping that up is pretty trivial. Once you stacked it up, you just need one SS every 18 seconds, and if you can't manage that, you're probably not up to raiding to begin with.
    sry, but you are wrong, here is why:
    1.) spell crit from moonking is always random targets, so even melee can get the buff.
    2.) you can not manage which targets will get the stacks per cast, so the stacks will often drop, loosing their potential
    3.) if healer will get stacks, it is not "more Raid DPS"
    4.) even if 1.) + .2) points were wrong (which they are not), considering 25 man raid size, 2-5-9-9 for example, there are 9 dps casters and 11 melee dmgers (9 dps + 2 tanks)
    if 8 casters will get + 12% crit chance, it is exactly 3.84% dmg increase (considering random targets and drops of buff, it is somewhere at 0.7-1.6 based on luck). on the other side, there are 11 melee dmgers with stable 5% crit, which means 2.2% increase at all time. not mentioning minor increase to, for example, shadowfiend, which also benefit from melee crit, etc.
    and forgot to mention feral aura is healing these 11 people almost every 6 sec for decent amount of hp, big stuff, even for the tanks. feral aura >>>>>> moonking aura, clearly
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    A lot more interesting abilities to choose from for some classes but others are just bleh. At least its ptr so hopefully classes get better ones.

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    That's a very very very great idea! Its a good start the make the gameplay better.
    But they need to make the skill more equal for each class, some get something totaly gamechanging and fun and some get the most boring pvp skill possible
    A little bit of tuning and that would be awesome!

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    This is broken beyond belief. For some it does nothing and for others, it does too much.

    For a Fury Warrior, 5 Rage/3 sec is bar none the best ability ever.

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    balance nightmare....i would have thought something like this will come out around 8.3 with the next expan pre launch

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    Quote Originally Posted by evertonbelmontt View Post
    All 3 of the warlock is nearly useless for PVE.

    What the hell... I can think of a billion other better and more CONSISTENT pvp traits to go with that list. Even amongst the warlock traits ONLY, there's 2 defensive and 1 dps "increase".
    I was pretty excited for this, insta dogs always? sign me up.

    Nope, demon armor.

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    when will this patch 8.2 be on the official server ?

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