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    Quote Originally Posted by Briselody View Post
    Fuck 'em both!

    *waves tiny N'zoth flag*
    I like how you think.
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    Outside of RP servers, the entire faction identity thing is a little ridiculous. Play both. Get all the story from both sides. Troll people as a gnome. Flex as a tauren. Dance on a mailbox as a naked nelf.
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    In case it wasn't clear, I'm a fan of what Blizzard COULD be, not the ruins of what it is now.

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    Screw the horde and alliance faction. Let players join any of the many factions that we've had to grind rep for. Ebon blade for example, were all races can talk to one another,group and raid together. Would be fun if it was similar to everquest. Being kos in cities from killing guards lol, raising factions in oppossing ones.

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    For Bolvar, for the Lich King! FOR THE SCOURGE!
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    For Teldrassil! Slay the Horde! They can have the spineless boyking, too!!

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    While honestly I have a good mix of toons on both ends, and I have done all the quests/stories on both sides, I do generally favor the Alliance side story and characters, and my main has always been a human pally, so I voted Ally. I also have favored the Human/Alliance race in all the RTS games

    Quote Originally Posted by voxnor View Post
    Our living room has a gold embroidered alliance banner hanging on a nice quality banner dowel - maybe 2 feet across and 3-4 feet long. You can guess what my answer was.
    Very cool I got myself something similar, I have it hanging above my TV, my towel is also styled after the alliance lion, and back in High school I sandblasted some Glass cups with it as well.

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    make azeroth great again

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    It's weird how I'm tied between my horde side liking the Saurfang subfaction overall (at least more than Sylvanas) and my alliance side liking the vengeful "purge the Horde" characters like Tyrande.

    And I even wanted to keep the old god affiliation but I just couldn't stand it messing up my transmog. Sorry N'zoth. :P

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    Kaldorei! I dont give a rats butt about the Alliance and horde are just a prey species.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seylene View Post
    Kaldorei! I dont give a rats butt about the Alliance and horde are just a prey species.
    I’ve always been Horde but right now I’m starting to hate them as much as I hate the Alliance thanks to our incompetent, stupid leaders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varitok View Post
    No, she is my waifu. Stop posting and delete this thread immediately.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ophenia View Post
    Voted Baine because... Well, Baine. Total nonsensical character, looks like World War II Italy, nobody really understands what role he's supposed to fill, not even himself

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